The Wardrobe Essentials : The Extras Everyone Needs

It isn't just different clothing & accessories that you may need as essentials in your wardrobe or general possession, there are also items that will care for your clothing or shoes to make them last a lot longer and help you get your monies worth out of each item. This list is not only made up of items I own already and absolutely love, so much so that I repurchase them when required, but it also includes some items that I am determined to purchase throughout the year to improve the lifespan of my clothing and shoes. So here are the items that I believe are essential for looking after your clothes and shoes...

Clothes Steamer

We own an iron but I really don't bother with it as it just seems a farce setting the ironing board up and standing and ironing that is why I think a clothes steamer would be so much easier, I can just get the one item out as and when I required it quickly give the item of clothing a once over with the steamer and be good to go. These are pretty inexpensive and I have heard good things about them so I think it is time to make that purchase. I currently use the Lenor crease release spray however, a clothes steamer would definitely be a lot beneficial. 

Lint Brush 

I wear a lot of black t-shirts and jeans and one thing that drives me mad is when the outfit gets covered in any hairs or fluff so I always have a lint roller to hand to remove as much of that as possible before I head out. I am getting a bit fed up of using the roller so I am going to be investing a bit of money into an actual brush in the near future. The brushes are pretty inexpensive but are a great addition to your wardrobe as it just sharpens up your outfit and keeps it looking clean ready for you to head out the door.  

Quality Clothing Hangers

I use non slip velvet style clothing hangers and since making the change to them a few years ago I have found that my clothing is certainly lasting a lot longer. The hangers hold the clothing in places nicely and even after an item been hung for a while you can't see where it has been hung on the shoulders and it is still in a nice shape. Even when a pair of trousers have been hung over one of these hangers you can't tell that they have been as they are left in good condition without any lines left from where they have been hung. 

Sewing Kit

Now this is something I need to purchase as I believe everyone should have one in their home, my mum had a little box full of sewing bits with different coloured cotton ready to patch up anything we needed, but since moving out I haven't got around to picking one up yet. A sewing kit comes in handy for any small holes that may appear on clothing where a quick repair wouldn't be too noticeable. Having a sewing kit has helped me quickly patch up an item before I bought a replacement and it has also helped me hold onto the item a bit longer than expected too if a quick sew has managed to fix it up nicely. 

Shoe Horns

For so long I would just throw on shoes or sneakers without even unlacing them but this meant the shoes didn't last two minutes due to me wearing down the backs. However now I take a bit more care and attention when putting on my footwear however sometimes it is still a bit difficult to get the shoe or sneaker on. That is why I would love to invest in a quality shoe horn and if you do similar to me I would highly recommend picking one up too. A shoe horn will open up those tighter shoes or sneakers a bit more and make them easier to put on without causing damage. 

Shoe Trees

One thing I really don't like is when my favourite shoes or sneakers start to lose shape or start to gather an odour thanks to how often they are worn and how they are stored. One thing I am wanting to do in the near future is pick up some shoe trees for my favourite pairs of shoes and sneakers I own so that they can be kept in shape and so they will last me longer than they currently do. You can get some reasonably priced shoe trees but I think if I pick up any it will be the wooden ones. 

Crep Protect Wipes

These have been an item I am always well stocked up on as it helps keep my sneakers looking nice and clean and well looked after. These are around £6 for 12 wipes which some of you may find expensive but honestly they have kept so many of my sneakers looking box fresh and in such good condition for such a lot longer than previously so it has actually saved me a lot of money as I aren't having to restock my favourites and spend a fortune on that. The wipes are really good for cleaning even the toughest dirt off my sneakers so with where I live they definitely come in handy. 

 Crep Protect Spray 

Just like with the Crep Protect wipes, the Crep Protect spray is another item that I repurchase. Living in England the weather is definitely on the bad side 90% of the year and with most of my sneakers being materials that will easily ruin in the rain, mud or snow this is an essential for me. Just a spray over the shoe keeps it protected from the elements. I was skeptical about the spray at first but thanks to using it my Puma Nova's are still as white as the day I bought them. 

Shoe Boxes

I keep my go to favourites in their original boxes just to offer them some extra protection for them when they aren't being worn. Just having them in the boxes stops any excess dirt or dust covering them when they are sat on the shoe rack. Amazon have some pretty inexpensive options for plastic shoes boxes however, I love the Crep Protect ones so when the hallway gets done it may be time to pick some of those up. If you have a favourite pair of shoes or sneakers you love and want to keep in good condition for a long time definitely invest in some shoe boxes. 

Those are what I think everyone needs to look after their clothing and shoes more than they already do, I know that this year I am definitely going to try pick up some more of these items that I am missing to improve the condition of my clothing and sneakers even more. 

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