My Favourite Places For Jeans

Over the years due to my size I have struggled to find jeans that fit me just right. I am pretty short which means getting the correct length in jeans is difficult and a lot of time I have to cuff my bottoms and due to my size on my waist I struggle getting jeans that fit in both the legs and the waist. In some cases I even struggle getting jeans that fit me in the waist due to me being on the larger size. 

In recent years though I have found two places which I can rely on for purchasing my jeans as I get the best fits from their stores. Unsurprisingly Primark is one of the places where I get my jeans from especially the skinny ones as I have found that these fit me much better than anywhere else and they last a long time for me. I have never had any issue with dye running from my Primark jeans and they have only ever really started to fade after years of wear. The jeans from Primark are also really reasonably priced which means when they do need replacing you don't feel like your are having to pay out a huge amount to restock your wardrobe. Primark do plenty of different styles of jeans too so there is something for everyone and I know that over the next few years I will be stepping out of my comfort zone and picking up some different styles that I would normally avoid as I discover my preferred style. My go to jeans from Primark at the moment are their black skinny jeans or their black ripped skinny jeans. In fact I love their black skinny jeans so much last year I ended up picking up a pair of the same version in a light denim, dark denim and grey colour so that I had every basis covered for whatever outfit I wanted to piece together as the weather was changing. 

Surprisingly my other favourite place to purchase jeans from is actually the supermarket here in the UK called Sainsbury's. I had tried the jeans from their TU Clothing range quite a while back and I loved them but for some reason I started just sticking to Primark jeans for a while. But last year I ended up going back to Sainsbury's when they had one of their 25% off weeks and I bought a pair of grey straight leg jeans which fit me perfectly. I was so impressed by these that I actually went out and purchased them in black too. I can wear them cuffed or not due to them actually being a good length for me. They are really comfortable too which is great as if I am wearing them for work I am sat at my desk all day so comfort is key and these definitely provide that. They have a bit of stretch on the thigh too which is great as it means I can have an all round great fit instead of them being perfect on my waist and too tight on my thighs which have always been on the large side. I never used to look at clothing whilst in Sainsbury's but now I make sure I check that section every time I go in. 

I am hoping that as I lose more weight I am going to be able to try out a lot more places for jeans that fit me perfectly but for now I will continue to purchase my jeans from Primark and Sainsbury's until I do find some other shops where I can confidently buy jeans from. Where do you buy your jeans from? Is it from a specific store or do you vary depending on what you want? 

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