What I Eat On A Furlough Day

I have noticed something whilst I have been sat at home on furlough... I am eating a fair bit better than if I was at work as I can control those temptations around me, if I don't buy things during our weekly shop then I can't be tempted to eat them as they aren't in the house. Where as if I am in work there are plenty of cafe's nearby, sandwich shops and even Tesco's just a few steps away so there are plenty of temptations to draw me in which I really aren't missing. Being at home and being able to go down and cook meals means I am eating a lot better and trying things I wouldn't be able to if I was in the office as I aren't limited to just using the microwave. This has definitely helped me with my weight loss journey as I am able to incorporate better food into my diet and focus on what I am eating rather than getting a quick fix meal and buying a lot of snacks too. 

So here is what a typical day of eating looks like for me whilst I am at home on furlough...


I am honestly hit and miss with breakfast and that has been the case for years now. However, whilst I have been at home I have tried my best to get into the routine of having breakfast daily which so far hasn't really gone well as I still find myself skipping the meal due to me just wanting to get on with my day. Some days I will tend to just grab a biscuit after my workout then head back upstairs to work on the blogs but when I do actually sit down to have breakfast my go to seems to be Weetabix Protein with some lactose free milk. I don't find that the Weetabix Protein tastes any different to normal Weetabix but I thought I would give it a try. I tend to do my workouts before I eat anything but I have found that when I have my Weetabix I feel a lot more energised and ready for the day. I really do need to stop skipping breakfast. 


Lunchtime is my break away from my PC so I tend to set aside an hour just to go downstairs and make something and watch a bit of TV which is generally just for a change of scenery. My lunch is when I tend to go for my vegan option for the day as the freezer is fully stocked up with Quorn products which seem to be my go to. I usually opt for some Quorn nuggets with some pasta which is a quick and easy meal. I think I would actually go as far as saying I prefer the Quorn nuggets to McDonald's ones so I could easily eat those daily. I usually mix in a bit of Sweet Chili sauce into my pasta just so there is some flavour to the meal because if not it can feel a bit bland some days. A new favourite though is thanks to my mum, she made an Iceland order recently and added on some Gregg's vegan sausage rolls for me. I love the vegan sausage rolls from Gregg's more than the normal ones so to be able to have these at home during the lockdown is absolutely fantastic, just stick it in the oven for 30 minutes and you have a nice warm Gregg's vegan sausage roll, I definitely need to get stocked up on these.  

Tea (Dinner to most other people) 

Once Liam gets home it is a case of having the final meal of the day. 90% of the times Liam ends up cooking this meal and our go to seems to be anything chicken related which I love as this definitely my favourite choice of meal these days and I have noticed when I have plenty of chicken I notice my weight loss go a lot better than when a lot of red meat has been in my diet during the week. One of my favourite meals is definitely the hunters Chicken that Asda do as I could easily eat this every day, this has become a weekly staple in our food shop. We have also used the Pinch of Nom books a few times this lockdown with the pizza pasta becoming another meal we love. 


Snacking is my big downfall as I find it hard being sat in the house so close to the kitchen daily, I find myself just getting stocked up on snacks on a morning to take upstairs with me and I will eat them throughout the day but I am trying my best lately to stop buying as many snacks or at least picking healthier options to encourage me to stop snacking as much. My go to snack at the moment is the Skinny bar's from B&M which are only £1.50 a box and really low in calories. There are some great flavours in these but my go to is definitely the Rocky Road one. 

Throughout the day I will also have plenty of water by my side and I always start off my day with my My Protein BCAA's which have become an everyday staple as the flavours are great and they just set me up for the day after my workout. I don't really have a coffee everyday but when I do I usually have 2 throughout the day just as an extra pick me up, since getting the Dolce Gusto machine before Christmas I seem to be hooked on the flat whites they do. 

I am hoping that having days like this and getting me into a bit of a routine with eating 3 meals a day and limiting snacks will benefit me in the long run. Maybe doing this will help me with prepping meals for work when I am finally back and will make sure I am visiting the sandwich shop a lot less than previously and stay clear of Tesco a bit more than previous. I am hoping that doing this not only helps me with my weight loss but also helps me save a lot more money as I am reducing the amount of food I buy on a daily basis. 

So there you have it that is what I eat on a typical furlough day whilst I am trying to lose weight. What does your typical day of eating look like now we are all stuck at home. 

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