Easy Ways You Can Improve Your Style


Over the past few years I have been trying to really improve my style without spending a fortune as I soon realised that I was wasting money due to me losing weight plus I quickly realised that there isn't really any need to spend a fortune to improve your style as some simple hacks or initial steps will improve that style on a budget or without spending a penny at all. So here are some of the hacks and steps that I have done that have definitely helped me improve my style and couple possibly help you too... 

Throw out clothes with holes in, that are beyond repair or faded

This is a big one that I have learnt to do, there is no need to hold onto an old ruined item of clothing for sentimental reasons. If clothes look worn out and have holes in that are clearly not meant to be there then your outfit is also going to look worn out which is going to be the opposite of how you want it to look. Go through your wardrobe and through out those tired looking clothes and replace them to make them look fresh and your outfits looking fresh. Keep an eye on your jeans too as they may start to fade after being washed too many times which I have definitely noticed recently. If your outfit is meant to have black jeans you are going to want to make sure they are black same with black t-shirts too. This will keep your outfit stylish and looking like it has been planned out and not just thrown on in a last minute rush. 

Don't purchase an item just because it is cheap

I have fallen into this trap before and I am determined not to make the same mistake twice. I have purchased a cheap item and realised it hasn't fit in with my wardrobe and that the quality brings down the rest of the outfit down. There is no point buying an item cheap just to own it so you may as well save up and purchase a better quality version of that item. By waiting you will not only improve the quality of that item but you will also know if you will really want that item or not. 

Plan your outfits

This is something I have started doing in the past year or so and I am loving it. I used to just throw on any random items and head out of the door however, now I take time in working out what I wear each day. More often than not I actually spend evenings putting together my outfits for the next day or even the following week if I know what my plans are. This just means I can put things together to see what works and what doesn't and if the outfits look as I pictured them in my head. By planning outfits you save so much time on a morning and also get to work out different outfit combinations that you might not have tried if you was just rushing around throwing an outfit together. 

Keep your shoes clean

One thing I hate more than anything is dirty worn out shoes. I can't cope when my white sneakers don't look white and are all scuffed so I try to keep on top of keeping them clean. For me if my sneakers aren't clean I feel like my outfit isn't complete. Dirty sneakers just bring an outfit down in my opinion so when you are putting together an outfit just don't forget to check your footwear too, your outfit will look a lot more stylish if you take care of every item. 

Cuff you pants 

As someone who struggles to get jeans that fit them this is something I do far too often. With me being so short finding trousers or jeans that fit just right is a difficult task so these days I just buy a regular or short pair and cuff the bottoms. I either do this by simply rolling them up or I do the elastic band hack that I have seen so many times on social media. By cuffing the bottoms it just makes sure they sit right above your footwear and just adds a little extra to your outfit as they are no longer just straight leg which trail under your feet and along the ground getting ruined every time you wear them. 

Have your clothing tailored 

Similarly to cuffing your pants if an item of clothing doesn't fit you could always take it for tailoring. By getting an item tailored it is going to fit you perfectly as it has been tailored just for your body. This will definitely improve your style as those clothes that have been tailored will have the perfect fit rather than being a bit bigger than usual. This might cost you a bit of money if it isn't something you can do yourself or if you don't know someone who can do it but it will definitely be worth it in the end. 

Use accessories 

Sometimes it is the simplest of things that can make your outfit look more stylish. I have realised this past year that just adding some nice simple accessories can upgrade your outfit that is why I have taken to wearing necklaces, bracelets and rings a lot more often. Even adding a simple pair of sunglasses can upgrade an outfit on those nicer weather days. If you don't usually add accessories to your outfit give it a try it will definitely surprise you.

Roll your sleeves

Just like with cuffing your pants rolling your sleeves can also make an outfit look more stylish. Sometimes t-shirt sleeves a little too long and baggy for me so I like to add a nice small roll just to make them a bit tighter and shorter. By doing this with shirts you can also change up your outfit too by rolling up your sleeves on a casual shirt you can then show off your accessories and the sleeves might feel a bit tighter than previously giving it a better fit. It is amazing how simply rolling your sleeves can change your outfit. 

Tuck the clothing item in

Tucking in my shirt or t-shirt is something I am trying to do more often as I find it definitely smartens up your outfit. It is funny really I spent years complaining about tucking my shirt in at school but now I am actually willing to tuck in my clothing to benefit my style. I have found that by tucking in a regular fit t-shirt it just brings in the bagginess a bit and makes it look a bit better. it also helps when layering too as I no long have my t-shirt stuck out the bottom of my checked shirt.

So those are the things I have learnt to improve my style over the recent years. What tips have you used to improve your style?

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