The Everyday Items I Seem To Reach For...

Do you ever go to pick out the same items daily without even realising? I have started to notice that each day I tend to reach for specific items more often than I do others in fact so much so that I some of these items in today's post are actually everyday staple items for me and it is very rare I end up wearing something different. So here are those items I find myself reaching for every single day without fail...

I have a drawer full of socks yet for some reason the only ones I reach for are the Nike ones. These for me are definite favourites as they are just so comfortable and have that bit of cushioning for some added comfort. These are a decent length too and I find myself picking them out of the drawer all year round. I tend to buy the longer version of these and the ankle version so I can pair them with 90% of my wardrobe without them ruining the look of the outfit. The only problem with the white ones of these are keeping them looking so white as they are nightmare to get clean once they have been worn a few times. 

Since I got my Nike Air Force 1's in 2020 it has been rare that they have been off my feet. They are just such a nice sneaker that are comfortable if I end up walking around or if I am out for the day. They are easy to style too and literally go with all my wardrobe so they are easy just to throw on, I even wear them for work lately. I just tend to pick these out every morning instead of looking through the rest of my sneakers in my collection but I think this is just due to me being lazy. 

My Apple Watch is something I put on daily as it really helps me with my fitness journey as I can track my steps, calories and my workouts. The watch is one of the first things I put on in the morning just out of habit and it is fantastic. It makes life with my phone so much better too as I don't have to keep pulling my phone out of my pocket to check every time I get a notification. I am so glad I have this watch as it has definitely been a good motivation on my fitness journey which is one main reason it is on my wrist daily. 

I am meant to wear my glasses everyday however, for years I have ignored that advise and barely worn them but now my eyes are really suffering and as a result I am getting quite a few headaches which are a nightmare to have. That is why I am trying my best to wear my glasses daily especially if I am sat at my computer for a lot of the day. I have plenty of pairs to wear so there is no need for me not to have a pair on. I have been doing well with wearing them daily at the moment and I am determined to carry this and cut down on the amount of headaches I have. 

Finally an everyday item for me is hairspray... this is something I can't do with out especially when my hair is freshly cut as it just holds my style in place and keeps it looking good for the day. Even now with my hair a bit longer due to me not having it cut I still use my hairspray daily so that I can contain whatever style I have managed to create that day. Usually I would use a lot more products daily but with the length and style my hair is at lately the only thing that works is hairspray. 

So those are the items I have found myself reaching for everyday some such as my glasses are an absolute essential right now to keep my headaches at bay, alongside my Apple watch as I am using that daily as part of my fitness journey. I definitely need to try mix up some of the other items like my sneakers so that other pairs aren't massively neglected like they are starting to be. Plus I have a lot of other scents that are just sat around waiting to be used and I really don't want to waste them. Do you find yourself reaching for specific items daily? If so what are they? 

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