My Thoughts On Sneaker Raffles.

I remember being younger seeing a pair of sneakers I liked and just going and buying them from a local store like JD or even a Nike or Adidas outlet. However, now it is a struggle to get a lot of pairs especially those that are classed as 'hype' pairs. 

For most big releases that I have had my eyes on recently if you want to buy a pair you have to enter a raffle to be in with the chance of actually getting them which I definitely find to be a nightmare and I have only actually entered once because I just don't want the constant feeling of disappointment as I missed out. Plus I didn't want to enter one, forget about it then realise I didn't have enough funds in my account or end up winning them and have a big bill or repair work needed doing at the same time. I would love to just be able to walk into a store and pick up the pair I like instead of having to chance it all the time. As some one who likes to know what they are doing with their money each month and have it planned out so not knowing if I am spending £165 or not until the drawer is done is an absolute nightmare. If I know I aren't getting them I could put that money towards something much better that is going to benefit me or the house more than a pair of sneakers would. 

If you aren't lucky enough to win these raffles and you still really want that pair of sneakers then your next best option is head to the resellers who managed to get multiple pairs but inflate the price. Sites like StockX & Instagram are places I visit regularly however, there is absolutely no chance I would pay more than £200 for a pair of sneakers plus there is always that small chance you are going to be sold a fake pair which I really don't want to risk especially at the ridiculous prices. 

I just wish the raffles were a bit fairer so that they weren't always snapped up by bots and resellers and the people who genuinely want them had a much better chance to get them at retail value instead of having to pay over the odds. For now though I am just going to keep sticking to picking sneakers that I can just pick out of a store and not have to have it down to luck every time I want a new pair. 

Maybe one day I might enter a raffle again but for now I will stick with going into my local JD or Footasylum to see what they have on offer as they do have some fantastic sneakers you can get there and then off the shelf. 

What do you think about sneaker raffles? Do you enter them or not bother? 

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