The Sneakers In My Collection I Have Gone Off

With me having so many sneakers I am bound to go off some at a point as they end up neglected when I pick up new favourites. There are specific styles and colourways that I just aren't a fan of anymore and I think that really does have a lot to do with my style evolving since these pairs were purchased because my style is definitely changing lately as I find what is best for me. It isn't that I don't like these sneakers anymore it is just they haven't been in my rotation for a long time due to my style change or just as I prefer others due to the colours. So here are the sneakers in my collection that I seem to have gone off...

If I remember correctly these Adidas Samba's were actually my dads but they didn't fit him right so I ended up with them. When I first got these I wore them to death and they soon became my go to pair when I was going to watch the football. I seemed to go off these due to the tongue it just started to feel far too big and like it was digging into the front of my foot which got a bit too uncomfortable. These are definitely looking a bit beat up these days and back when I wore them they were great but right now they just aren't very comfortable and don't really fit with my outfits anymore. 

My parents actually got both me and my sister a pair of these and originally I loved them however, over time I started to fall out of love with them as they didn't really go with my outfits any more. Plus with them being so white they are an absolute nightmare to keep clean especially in the typical UK weather. My style has changed a bit more and I think these could be good for the warmer weather so who knows they may be worn again one day. 

When I got these leather Vans they were the best thing ever for me as I could wear Vans all year round without needing to worry about them getting ruined easily. But over time I noticed they were getting far too creased for my liking and the inside of the heel started coming away and they were starting to get really uncomfortable. The main problem for me is when leather sneakers start to crease I go off them really quickly as they just don't look as good to me and this is one of the main reasons I have gone off them. 

Another pair of Vans that I seem to have gone off are these grey and pink ones which have been in my collection for about 4 years now. Back when I bought them they went with so many of my outfits but now they don't go with much. The white rubber sole has also become a bit discoloured too due to the age and wear of them which just doesn't look great and drags an outfit down a bit. It is a shame that I have gone off these as they used to be one of my absolute favourites. Maybe I can get back to loving them again one day.

I want to try work some of these sneakers into my sneaker collection as I think a few of these pairs will be great in the spring/summer months when they have had a bit of a clean up. It is time I started rotating my pairs I wear a bit more so that I actually wear more than just 3 pairs in the space of a year as I have plenty that will look great with specific outfits. 

Are there any specific sneakers in your collection that you have gone off?

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