Why I Could Never Do A Capsule Wardrobe


Whenever I open YouTube I seem to be greeted by a lot of videos regarding capsule wardrobes and how great they can be for various reasons. Every time I see these videos I wonder if this is something I could do or if a capsule wardrobe simply isn't for me. the conclusion after months of consideration... they just aren't for me and by doing this I would really struggle and probably fall out of love with my wardrobe far too many times. 

There are plenty of reasons for this but the main reason is my style changes on a daily basis. I don't just have one style that I stick to and honestly what I enjoy wearing changes on at least a weekly basis. One week I might be in just printed t-shirts or shirts, the following week I may just go straight for a plain t-shirt and leave it at that. Some weeks I will literally wear a different style each day due to me having days off or being in the office, some days I might opt for smart casual and other days I just opt for super casual. This is just quite frankly down to the fact that my mind changes daily and it all depends on what mood I wake up in each day for what I wear.  

I really do believe that if I was to do a capsule wardrobe I would feel far too restricted and end up falling out of love with the wardrobe far too early on so I would never stick to it. I would feel restricted as I can't stand wearing the same thing day after day. I change my look daily and don't ever wear the same thing two days running. Often on the YouTube videos I see people are wearing black t-shirts 7 days a week, which to them may be great but I just wouldn't be able to get on board with that idea as I would be fed up of wearing the same style t-shirt in the second day.  

When it comes to different occasions such as birthday parties, family events or events where I have to dress a bit smarter I like having plenty of options available so that if one option doesn't seem right I have got something else to fall back on. I feel like if  I did a capsule wardrobe I wouldn't have as much freedom to do this as I do now. I know the capsule wardrobe is what you make it but I just wouldn't like to restrict these options and possibly end up not liking what I had to go to these events in. 

I really enjoy trying out new brands and clothing too so I don't think that I would do well with cutting back on buying new items and getting rid of ones already in my wardrobe. I don't necessarily keep up with trends but I do like new up and coming brands that I discover online so I like broadening my wardrobe with those hidden gems. 

Although I will never do a capsule wardrobe there are some ways that it would certainly benefit me in the long run. One of those benefits would be on a morning / evening when I am deciding on my outfit I would have a lot more time to myself as I would have less to chose from and I would know exactly what went with what item taking away all the time I spent rummaging to pair outfits together. 

It would also mean I had more money to spend on other things as I would be limiting my clothing spend each month which sometimes can be a little bit too much. This would mean more money for other things and experiences which would make a nice change. With saving money I will also be able to start buying better quality items as that money would have been put to one side and building up for items I really wanted. 

So although there are plenty of benefits to having a capsule wardrobe I just don't think this is the right route for me to take, so for now I will be continuing as I am but trying to buy less. What do you think to capsule wardrobes? Would you give one a go or like me are they just not for you?

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