My Current Training Plan

Whilst I have been on my weight loss and fitness journey I haven't really ever stuck to a specific training programme as honestly I get bored of things being too repetitive. I have found that even being spontaneous I have seen results so why change it now, granted with a specific routine I would see more and probably better results but for now I am happy with what I am doing and how often I am doing it. So I guess here is my current training plan... 

I mainly stick to YouTube workout videos at the moment as they don't go on for too long and each one is different, this way I feel that even though I am just using YouTube I am actually mixing up what I do. I am loving Em K Fit videos at the moment which is a surprise as these are dancing workouts which any other time I would avoid. I also enjoy jumping into some of the Chloe Ting videos as they target specific areas of my body more than the dance ones. I also enjoy the couple of workout videos that Alex Costa has on his YouTube page. I find that trying different videos just keeps me more motivated and focused as I aren't getting bored of repetition. 

Along with YouTube dance videos I have also stepped out of my comfort zone in another way... I have actually started using weights. I wouldn't go anywhere near the weight section at the gym due to confidence so this is actually a pretty big change for me. Currently I am incorporating weights into my training routine 2 to 3 times a week just as I get used to them, I am easing myself into using them as I learn new exercises as I don't want to end up with any injuries. 

I also have my exercise bike that I purchased in 2020 and the rowing machine that I managed to rescue from my dad so these have very easily been integrated into my workout routine. I am definitely using the exercise bike a lot more than the rowing machine but it is nice to alternate between them to mix up my routine a bit. 

I am trying my best to workout daily and so far I am doing really well but I honestly do think this is all down to having a mixture of a routine and not just doing the same thing day in day out and feel like I am stuck to doing that. If I wake up wanting to do weights that day I will do but if I want to do a dance workout I can easily do that too without going off plan and feeling bad about not being on plan that day. 

It isn't just working out the I am trying to work on as I am also getting my diet on track in 2021 too so the plan for that is to have 1 vegan or vegetarian meal per day, I have tried this before and I really benefited from it. I am also trying to cut back on the amount of snacks I eat each day too as I eat far too many at the moment, I am also hoping to change my snacking habits so that when I do snack I have something a lot healthier than a bar of chocolate. I know that once I get the snacking sorted out my progress will end up getting a lot better and I will feel much better too. 

So that is my current training plan if you can call it that. I am just happy to be making progress and enjoying what I am doing. What does your training plan look like?

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