December 2020 Fitness Update


Well the final month of the year is over and done with and am I glad as it didn't go to plan. I spent the majority of the month in pain and unable to work out which led to my mood declining and I ended up eating for the sake of it which ended up making me feel worse. All though I was off track I ended up thinking more about 2021 and what I wanted to achieve for the upcoming year. By doing this I ended up getting some motivation back and I know I am going into 2021 with a better mindset and an idea of what I want to achieve. 

So here is what the physical changes went like over the course of the year:

Waist start : 122 cm end : 106 cm

Hips start : 120 cm  end : 113 cm

Right thigh start : 66.5 cm end : 62 cm

Right calf start : 46 cm end : 42 cm

Right bicep start :  33 cm end : 32 cm

I am actually really surprised with how these measurements have decreased and it just makes me wonder how it would have gone if I had really stuck to everything fully in 2020. Seeing these changes has definitely made me even more motivated to do even better in 2021.

Beginning of December weight : 15 stone 10 & 1/2 lb 
End of December weight : 15 stone 11 & 1/4 lb

Total loss : + 3/4 lb

I kind of expected a gain for December as due to illness I haven't managed to do any working out and my diet is terrible. It has actually surprised me that the gain wasn't higher due to not working out, eating terrible and the Christmas period. 

Here is what I am aiming for in January 

- Workout everyday as I take part in Gymshark 66
- Eat 1 vegan / vegetarian meal per day 
- Have a better diet
- Lose 4lb

 Overall 2020 loss : - 5 & 1/2 lb 

I am determined to see an even bigger decrease in my weight in 2020 so I am hoping that January is going to be a case of hitting the ground running. 

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