My Current Sneaker Wish List

It is no secret that I love a good pair of sneakers and in the past few years there have been some fantastic pairs released for everyone's style. Sneakers are easy to style with the majority of my wardrobe and I have noticed that over the years I have gone from wanting standout pairs to more subtle ones that I can wear with any outfit so I am getting more wear out of the pairs I own. Here are some of the sneakers I would love to own in the near future... 

Vapormax Flyknit 

I have wanted a pair of Vapormax for a while but the price tag has really been putting me off as they seem far too expensive for a pair of shoes. The more I look at them though the more I am tempted to finally make the jump and add a pair to my collection. I definitely want a pair of Flyknit ones as these are my favourites but there are plenty of nice pairs of Vapormax out there. 

Nike Blazers 

I currently have a pair of red and white Nike Blazers which I got for my 16th or 17th Birthday if I remember rightly and they are still going strong. They are a really good sneaker and have shown just how long they can last so I think another more subtle pair is in order. I love these white ones with the black swoosh as they will definitely work well with more of my outfits than my red ones do. Plus the Blazers just look a bit smarter than some other sneakers. 

Adidas Stan Smith's 

I love my Nike Air Force 1's but I would love to add a pair of Nike Stan Smith's into my collection especially for the summer months. The Stan Smith's are a bit of a classic pair of sneakers in my eyes but I have never owned any so I would love to finally purchase a pair. I think these would be a great addition for the summer and autumn months as they will work well with my shorts.. jeans or even a pair of chinos. 

Jordan 1's

I currently own 2 pairs of Jordan's but it is one of my aims to finally pick up a pair of Jordan 1 mid's, these have been on my wish list for a while as I love the whole silhouette and if I could get them in this black and red colourway that would be even better. The Jordan 1's look like an absolute fantastic shoes and they would be really easy for me to style as again they would go with plenty of my autumn / winter wardrobe. 

Puma Suede

Just like with the Blazer's I also have a few pairs of Puma Suede's in my collection which are a bright red pair and a royal blue pair but now as my style is changing I want to purchase a black pair which is a lot more subtle and easier to style. The Puma Suede's are a really comfortable pair of sneakers so I would actually be happy to purchase these in every colour if possible but for now I am just aiming for a nice classic black and white pair. 

New Balance 574

I have never owned a pair of New Balance sneakers before but these 574's are really jumping out at me. They just look so different to anything I would normally purchase but they also look like something I definitely need to add into my collection. These would be fantastic for the autumn months with some lighter colour denim jeans and a more casual look. 

Nike Air Max 97

Just like the Vapormax I have wanted a pair of Air Max 97's for such a long time but unfortunately I haven't purchased any just yet as they just seem so expensive. I love the silhouette of these sneakers and have done for a while plus there are some fantastic colourways for these sneakers so there is something for everyone. Who knows I might find a pair at a reasonable price but for now they will just have to stay on the wish list. 

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37

In 2020 I started working out a lot more and my love for fitness and running shoes grew. I want to carry on with my fitness journey and I think a new pair of sneakers might be a reward for any weight loss plus I am very tempted to give running a go and these look like they could be perfect for me. I love the colourway of these sneakers so these may actually be my first sneaker purchase of the year. 

There you have it those are the sneakers I would love to get my hands on in 2021 who knows I may end up picking a few pairs up or I might get none or all of them but those Pegasus are definitely top of the list. What sneakers are you hoping to pick up in 2021? 

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