The Fitness Items I Wish I Could Purchase.... Maybe One Day

We all have those items we wish to purchase but never do don't we? Well in 2020 I started saving so that I could afford those items I wished for and I ended the year with a Macbook, PS5 and Gucci ring which is some good going for me as I usually can't save £5 and spend my wage straight away. Looking back on 2020 got me thinking.... 'what items would I really love to save up for in the future and purchase if I could finally afford them' and to be honest items that jumped out on me are ones I have wanted for a while or ones that are going to help me in my journey. So here is what I would love to save up for and hopefully own in the future as at the moment these items are certainly out of my reach... 

Home Gym (£ - Various)

I would love to spend my money on getting a home gym build for us so we can have all the workout equipment we need to hand and I could do a variety of exercises instead of just weights or the bike. We already have the base of a garage in place however, it is damaged so work would need to be done on this to turn it into a gym. I would just love it if I could have one space with all the equipment in that I need to achieve my goals.

Peleton Bike (£2295.00)

I would love to upgrade my exercise bike to a Peleton bike as they just look so good and I would love to take part in the classes they do. I currently have a very basic Opti exercise bike so this would be a huge upgrade and help me make my cycling workouts more demanding. 

Peleton Treadmill £2295

In addition to adding the Peleton bike to a home gym I would love to add the Peleton treadmill as just like the bike this looks like a fantastic piece of equipment. The only thing I actually miss about the gym is actually the treadmill as this was the machine I spent the longest on each session. I aren't confident enough to go running outdoors yet so a treadmill would be ideal, especially one with as much technology in it as this one has. If I do get that home gym this might be one of the first items I invest in. 

If money was no object these would soon be purchased as soon as possible as they are definitely items that would be beneficial to me, well minus the suitcase which would simply be a treat item. What item have you always wanted and wish you could afford? 

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