The Wardrobe Essentials : Workout Wear

 With me now taking more of an interest in working out I have started to see my workout clothing selection really starting to grow lately. This is because I have found that it is best to have a variety of different items for different workouts you might be doing. You are going to need different items for working out outdoors than if you are just going to be indoors doing cardio or weights. If you do a variety of exercises you are going to want to be prepared so here are the items I think everyone who works out needs so they are prepared for all occasions. 


I much prefer working out in shorts as I like my legs feeling free especially if I am sat on the exercise bike for an hour. I like how shorts don't restrict my movements during HIIT workouts either so I can stretch more and feel more of a benefit. I usually go for 5" or 7" shorts as I find these most comfortable and less restrictive. I have found that the best shorts for my workouts are from Gymshark as they are comfortable and don't ride up when I do certainly exercises.

Compression Shorts 

I often put on a pair of compression shorts under my shorts whilst I am working out as I test out to see if there are actually benefits to wearing these. According to most a pair of compression shorts will help reduce muscle soreness and fatigue during and after workouts. I am currently trying this out to see if it is try and to see if I can recover faster from a workout just by wearing a pair of compression shorts. I am currently trying out a pair of Nike Pro's which I would definitely recommend having in your workout wardrobe as they are really comfortable and not that expensive. 


Someday's a pair of leggings just work a lot better for a decent workout. I often reach for a pair of leggings if I am heading outside for a section of my workout or for a workout in the house nice and early in the morning when it is still cold. Leggings also come in handy for just relaxing around the house as they are nice and comfortable. 

Tracksuit bottoms 

Similarly to leggings sometimes a good pair of tracksuit bottoms will come in handy. These are good for those outdoor and early morning workouts in the cold but they are also perfect for recovery and rest days. I tend to go for tracksuit bottoms when I don't want skin tight leggings on as they have a baggier fell however, you can easily get a skinny fit pair or a baggier pair it just depends on your personal style and what you are going to use them for as to which pair you end up purchasing. 


You are going to want a good variety of t-shirts for working out in. I have realised over the years that sometimes a standard t-shirt isn't going to have you feeling comfortable during a workout. That is why I now check what style a t-shirt is before purchasing. My favourite t-shirts to workout in are the ones made from a nice lightweight, stretchy material that is going to fit tight to my body. Yes granted it doesn't look good clung to all my lumps and pumps however it is comfortable and isn't weighing me down when working out. If I am just sat on the bike for a hour though I will wear something a little heavier and in a thick material as it is going to be comfortable and keep me feeling just right during the workout. Gymshark and MyProtein do some great active t-shirts at reasonable prices that last quite a long time without losing shape. 

Long sleeved t-shirts 

For those colder days you are going to want to feel a bit warmer which is where long sleeved t-shirts come in really handy. Again you can get these in all sorts of materials to suit whatever workout you are doing but a long sleeve t-shirt is going to help you stay warm in the cold weather and is going to help you keep pushing through a workout rather than give up as you are cold. You are going to want to find a long sleeve t-shirt that has sleeves the correct length for you as you aren't going to want to be breaking off to roll your sleeves up every two minutes.

1/4 Zip jacket 

I love a good 1/4 zip jacket whilst working out as I think it gives off a nice smart look whilst keeping you warm on the cold days. I used to just wear it for going to the gym and then take it off once I got there however, now I have left the gym I wear it when I am doing weights at home or when I am on the exercise. To be honest I even throw it on if I am having a kick about in the garden just to add an extra layer. Another benefit of these 1/4 zips is that they look really nice and you can get away with wearing it on a day to day basis too not just for working out in. 


To me a hoodie is great for warming up in and for rest days, I wouldn't necessarily workout in a hoodie but I would wear one before and after working out just for a bit of comfort rather than anything else. There is a great variety of hoodies out there on the market that are all different styles and  weights so there is something for everyone. I know some people do like to workout in a hoodie and if I did I think I would go for something a bit more lightweight and save the heavier bits as rest day items. 


If you are doing outdoors workouts or going running you are going to want a windbreaker jacket to protect you from the elements. A windbreaker jacket is perfect as they are often water resistant so will keep you dry plus they are lightweight so you aren't going to be weighed down or bugged by it during your run or workout. Plus just like with the 1/4 or hoodie you could always just throw this on when you are out and about running errands. 

Correct footwear Such As Running shoes

To prevent injuries you are going to want to make sure you are wearing appropriate footwear for whatever exercise you are carrying out. So if you are running you are going to want some running shoes to support your ankles on your runs. But if you are going to be doing weights you are going to want some flat shoes for those lifts. You can get specific weightlifting shoes but if you don't want to invest in something like that you can always wear a pair of Vans or Converse to do these workouts in, these are pretty flat shoes and seem to be popular with the weight lifting community lately. 

Cushioned socks 

To go with those shoes that are correct for your workout you are going to want some nice cushioned socks which I have come to love in recent months. The big sports brands and the likes of Gymshark do some great cushioned socks which are great for a variety of workouts as they are a bit thicker so your shoes are less likely to rub you during your workout and they create a more comfortable fit. There is no point wearing a pair of thin socks that are going to rub after 2 minute as you aren't going to carry on your workout if your feet are in pain.

So there you have it those are the items I believe everyone needs in their wardrobe if they are into working out. What clothing is essential for you when you are working out?

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