Only Buying Clothing I Really Need

If I was to look at my bank account for the past few years I honestly think I would be horrified to see just how much money I have wasted in previous years whether it is something in the games room or most importantly what is causing my wardrobe to overflow. That is why recently I have taken a step back on what I am purchasing and taking stock of what I already have so that I am no longer wasting money on items that are just going to be gathering dust. 

That is why I now have a few routines I go through before going out and spending excessive amounts on items I am possibly not going to wear that often. There are a few things that have lead to me doing this, number one is that I have just got sick of spending money on things I don't need instead of having extra savings in my account. Number two is due to me just having far too many items in my wardrobe and chest of drawers, I could really down size my clothing as I always seem to wear the same sort of things. Then finally number three is the fact that with me losing weight I am going through different sizes of clothing so there is no need to keep buying things when they may not fit me after a few months as I really wont be getting my money worth.  

I now take stock of what I have as there is no need to go out and buy an item you already have three of, for so long I would pick up a black t-shirt from Primark as it was cheap however, I then ended up with far too many black t-shirts which there is absolutely no need for. 

Lately I try to try my clothing on regularly so that I know what still fits me and what doesn't. Too many times I have been out and picked up some jeans then realised I already have plenty of very similar pairs in my wardrobe that I haven't really worn. There has also been plenty of times where I have thought I had plenty of say black jeans in my wardrobe but then none have fit me. This is why I now tend to keep up with regular checks of the wardrobe so that I am no longer caught out with something not fitting.

By doing these regular checks I can also make sure things are still in a good condition, I don't want to go out and have a hole in my t-shirt or it not fit right due to shrinking in the wash. Now that I do these checks I can keep on top of the quality of clothing and know what needs replacing and know what is good until I do the next check. 

To make sure I stay on track of what I need I try to stick to a list when I go out. When I have done my check of my wardrobe I will write down anything I need to replace so I can stay on track whilst I am out and about. I have found previously by having a list I tend to only buy off that therefore I aren't wasting money. Plus with the list I can also add some treat items so say I want a designer hoodie or t-shirt that is going to cost me a bit more than usual I can just add it to the list so it is always in my site and I can eventually tick it off. 

So there you have it that is how I am now trying to buy only what I need fingers crossed this will help me stay on track, streamline my wardrobe a bit more and save me a bit more money. How do you keep on track with what you spend on clothing and keep control of the amount of clothing in your wardrobe?

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