My Personal Goals For 2021

Well what a strange year 2020 was, like many I had plenty of things planned for the year and they all fell through thanks to the Covid situation. Even though it was definitely a strange year I managed to make progress with a lot of my goals such as my weight loss and savings but I am hoping 2021 is going to be an even better year. I want to improve on goals from last year and set myself a few new ones to make my life more organised and be a bit more productive. So here are my goals for 2021. 

Drop another clothes size

I have a separate post coming for my fitness goals for the year but this is certainly one of my big overall goals... I want to drop another clothing size. I did well in 2020 as I went from an XL in menswear to a Large which is also starting to get a little bigger on me. I would love to end 2021 as at least a medium. I have also managed to drop from a 20 to an 18 in women's sizes so I want to try get to a 16 in those. If I drop down even further by December that would also be fantastic but I will be happy even dropping the 1 size. 

Save even more money 

I did really well with my savings in 2020 but I want to go even better in 2021. I want to save enough to get some big jobs in the house ticked off but also so that I can treat myself and still have plenty left over. Thanks to my efforts in 2020 I have a good starting point but I want to put double what I have in 2020 into my savings accounts and still have plenty left over when jobs have been done. 

Keep working on the blog 

My blog did surprisingly really well in 2020 and I want to capitalise on that for 2021 and keep momentum going. I want to keep doing the same amount of posts I did in 2020 and maybe add a few extras in when required. I also want to get better at planning out my posts so I am well in advance and things aren't rushed. Fingers crossed this will help me see more growth. 

Travel more

I had plenty of plans that got cancelled in 2020 but I am hoping that in 2021 I can get on trips away with Liam & my family. I am wanting to travel to go on stadium tours for my football blog so I am hoping to incorporate those into some short breaks which would be fantastic. My big ones are a trip to Manchester for the two stadium tours there and a trip to London to hopefully do a few stadium tours down there. It would certainly be great to have a few trips to other places too just me and Liam to go relax for a bit. 

Get more jobs done in the house 

In March we will have been in the house for 3 years and we have nearly got the big jobs out of the way. I would love for 2021 to be the year we get even more ticked off as it will definitely make a big difference. My big aim is to get the garage ripped down and the side garden sorted out so that the only thing really left to do outside is the driveway and the side of the house. It would also be great to finally get the loft boarded out and the hallway done as then the upstairs is also all complete. The hallway will definitely be the most expensive job as we want to add some fitted cupboards to the area too. It would also be great if we could start planning for our new kitchen in 2021 too although that may be a job for 2022. 

Have more me time 

Even though 2020 was mainly spent indoors I didn't really have any down time as I was constantly doing something whether that was cleaning, blogging or working out. That is why in 2021 I want to make more time for me, where I can just sit back and relax with a book or watch a film. I am hoping that I can have certain nights for cleaning and blogging so that some time is freed up for me and I may be able to get through my to be read pile if I do this. 

So there you have it those are my goals for the year and I am really hoping that I can make a difference and achieve these goals as it is definitely going to be fun seeing the house really come together, seeing new places and seeing my financial situation improve. What are your goals for 2021?

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