How Am I Finding The Exercise Bike A Few Month On

I am honestly starting to believe that one of the best things I did in 2020 was cancel my gym membership which is pretty ironic to say I am on a weight loss and fitness journey. Even though I wanted to continue my journey I cancelled my membership as I just didn't feel confident going to the gym and would much rather work out at home, so with the money I saved from my gym membership I purchased an exercise bike. I have had the bike for a few months now so here is how things are going with it... 

Having the bike is certainly a nice change as when I did go to the gym I would avoid the bike at all costs. I would do an hour on the treadmill and leave so now to have something different to do and honestly I feel as though it is benefiting me a lot more than when I used the treadmill. 

The ease of moving the bike around has also meant that I have got a lot more cardio in since buying it as now instead of just sitting on the sofa to catch up on TV shows I actually bring the bike into the living room and cycle for an hour instead. This is great as it is encouraging me to be more active and I feel like I am getting more out of time instead of feeling like I am just sat around wasting time watching TV. 

Even if I don't have much time I can just jump on this for around 15 minutes so I get a workout in even when I am short of time, this is because the bike is just there for me to get on and get going, there is no set up time. I have been known to jump on the bike when I am waiting for someone to pick me up and also when Liam has been finishing off our food on a night. 

The only issue I have had with the bike is with the seat feeling uncomfortable but this was quickly solved by me purchasing a gel seat cover. With me being sat on it for an hour at a time I needed to do something to make it comfortable and the seat cover seems to have worked a treat. 

Overall the bike was definitely worth the purchase as once I have been on it for an hour I feel great and energised and like it has really worked my body. I am glad I used the money I saved from my gym membership as I know that over the coming months and years whilst I am on this weight loss and fitness journey this bike is going to be a very valuable piece of equipment. 

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