All I Seem To Wear Is Black Jeans... How Do I Style Them?

Over the years I seem to have fallen into a bit of a trap... I started to only wear black jeans and it is currently getting to the stage where I want to change out of the habit but there is something that always pulls me back into just picking a pair of black jeans instead of picking up something different. Even in the summer for some stupid reason I end up wearing black jeans all the time which isn't necessarily good in the heat but they still work well for my summer outfits, I just can't step away from them.

I think it is due to how versatile black jeans are. They are really easy to style and go with my whole wardrobe which is always an added bonus as it saves time when getting ready as I know I can put on a pair of black jeans and any top and it will work well. I can dress a pair of jeans up or down depending on the occasion of the day in question so I can look smart when needed or have a comfortable casual look if I am just going shopping for the day.

There are plenty of types of black jeans but I have found recently I prefer a standard pair of skinny black jeans or a pair of girlfriend fit jeans as there suit my body and style much better than others. I did go through a phase of loving ripped black skinny jeans but I started to get fed up of them and have moved on from them. No doubt I will fall back in love with ripped ones again but for now I am trying to stay away from them for a bit. The skinny fit ones are fantastic for that smarter look but I have found girlfriend fit ones are much better for those days where you are dressing more casual and comfortable as these provide a much looser fit and are certainly not clung to your skin. I actually went off ripped jeans as I started to think they made me look a little scruffy but I know with the right pair this could totally change and I could create some fantastic looks with them, so now I am on the hunt for that perfect pair. 

I have learnt over the years that you need to get the right fitting jeans if you are wanting to create a more put together look and not like you have just thrown any old pair on. I am quite short so have always struggled with finding the right length of jeans but now I know the right length makes the jeans look nicer as there isn't a lot of excess material hanging around. You don't want your skinny jeans to look baggy either so make sure the overall size and fit is going to be a good one otherwise you may as well just pick up a pair of straight jeans. Same with any baggier style you are going for, don't go overly baggy as it might not end up looking like a good fit and like you are just wearing something far too big for you. Pairs don't have to break the bank either some of my favourites are £10 from Primark or £16 from Sainsbury's and they last me quite a long time so just take time to shop around and find the right pair for you. 

Not only do I wear these on a day to day basis for shopping etc but I also wear them for work as they don't look too dressed down, in the past I have even worn a pair for an interview and still kept the smart appearance going. What I love about black jeans the most though is that I don't have to worry about what footwear I am going to wear when I wear my jeans. I have a pretty extensive shoe collection and about 90% of the collection works well with my black jeans so I am never stuck for what to wear. I can team them up with a nice pair of sneakers and they look great and depending on which sneakers they are I could have a smart or casual look or I can throw on a pair of Converse and have a nice casual look too. If I do want a smarter look though I pick my plain white sneakers or my Chelsea boots as I think they just make the outfit look that bit smarter and put together, plus it means I am wearing some different footwear for a change. 

Black jeans are certainly my go to item of clothing and although I try to move on from them I think they are going to be my go to for a while thanks to just how many ways to wear them there are. 

Do you love black jeans? 

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