How I Style Suede Chelsea Boots

For years I have always had a black and brown suede Chelsea boots in my shoe collection and they are actually the only pairs of shoes I ever wear. If I don't have a pair of sneakers on my feet it will be Chelsea boots and to be honest I aren't quite sure why they are the only shoes I ever seem to buy, it could be the fact they are so easy to style or the fact that they smarten up any outfit at a low cost. The 2 pairs I currently own are a brown suede and a black suede pair that I got from Primark for less than £10 and they have lasted me two years so far so they are a bargain in that sense. I will be honest the past few years I only really wear them on nights out or if I want to smarten myself up for work however, I am trying to get away from wearing sneakers everyday so the Chelsea boots are going to be called into action a lot more especially throughout the spring & autumn months. The best part now is that thanks to my style changing a bit the Chelsea boots will go with a whole lot more of my wardrobe meaning it will be even easier for me to style them. So here are some of my favourite outfits to wear with my Chelsea boots at the moment. 

This look is a new one for me but it has soon become one that I think will be worn for work quite a bit and also for those smarter shopping days. The light brown jumper was just £5 from Primark and teamed up with the brown Chelsea boots and some well fitted black jeans this outfit looks a lot more expensive than it actually was. The jumper and boots work well together and the black from the jeans just breaks it up while still looking coordinated. Through on a smart black coat with this in the colder weather and you will have a brilliant smart look. 

I think this is the look I go for a lot more than I thought I did. It has actually become my go to going out outfit as it looks smart but not too smart and is very comfortable. It is a nice and simple look but teamed up with the right accessories it is perfect. The black Chelsea boots are teamed up with some Matalan checked pants (can you recommend any similar as once these don't fit I need a replacement pair) and just a plain black t-shirt. I love this look as it is as it is so simple but I do usually throw on some nice jewellery to add to the look and just add a different colour to the look with the silver. Again when it is colder you can put on a nice smart black jacket or blazer with this to keep you that bit warmer but this is an outfit I wear all year round.


A new favourite outfit of mine is a pair of black Chelsea boots, a pair of well fitting black jeans and a checked flannel shirt. This checked shirt is one with a bleached detail on it from BoohooMan and it is definitely my favourite in my wardrobe at the moment as it fits nice and is really comfortable. If you put a black t-shirt under this you can have it undone instead of buttoned up but either way with a pair of Chelsea boots and jeans this can give off a nice look which is a bit different from the previous two looks as it is a bit more casual. 


My final favourite outfit with my black Chelsea boots is another one involving a shirt but this time it is a short sleeved one. I love short sleeved shirts all year round and the one in the image is one I have had in my wardrobe for years now. Again this looks great buttoned up or open with a t-shirt underneath, teamed with some black jeans again and the black Chelsea boots this creates a nice smart casual look for any time of the year. In the colder weather just thrown on a smart jacket and you are good to go. I just think that a shirt and Chelsea boots are a great combination. 

I am determined that at some point through the year I am going to pick up a black and brown pair of leather Chelsea boots to suit the weather where I live a bit better, but for now I am determined to wear these suede ones a lot more.  I am hoping that by wearing these more I will start to transition away from sneakers all the time and venture into different footwear, especially as I am eyeing up a pair of chunky boots and Dr Martens to add into my collection this year so I have a variety of boot options to hand. 

What is your go to outfit when you are wearing your Chelsea boots?

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