Why I Started The Weight Loss Journey


From a young age I was playing rugby & football, I was really active until I left college and got an office job. Once I was in the office job I noticed the weight starting to creep on and I was beginning to really hate how I looked and felt. It was towards the end of 2019 that I really didn't like how I looked and I told Liam something had to change quick, that is why on the 2nd of January 2020 my journey begun. 

Over the years I had got to the stage where after just a few steps I would be tired and out of breath which was no good at all, bending down to pick up items or tie my shoes was also an issue. I couldn't even look in a mirror without picking my body apart, I didn't like anything my confidence was plummeting and I didn't want to go out as I just didn't like how I looked in clothing when I dressed up, I would much rather wear a hoodie and sweatpants which I was comfortable in. 

So here is what I want I want to achieve from my journey in the long run...

I want my confidence back, this is the big one for me I want to be happy enough to go out for nice meals or drinks and meet up with people I know instead of wanting to hide away which is how I have felt for so long. I would love to spend more time going out with Liam too as we rarely bother these days and it is something we used to love doing. 

I also want to be happy in what I wear, by this I mean I want to be confident and comfortable in any clothing and not have to worry about lumps and bumps showing or something not suiting my body type. For me this is the big thing as I hated clothes shopping or looking in the mirror just in case you could see them lumps and bumps. I am starting to wear different clothing now that puts me out of my comfort zone but if I didn't lose this initial weight there would be no way I would be happy enough to do this. 

My left knee has caused me issues for so long now and I have had a lot of physio on it but there was never any solution for the pain. I wanted to lose weight to see if that had any factor in why the pain was so bad and although I still have the pain it isn't as bad as it used to be. I am hoping that by losing weight gradually over the next few years that pain is going to ease off a bit more and I can go out and not have to worry about the pain the next day. 

Similarly to the knee issues I have had a few issues with my stomach these past few years which actually ended up with me having an operation to try investigate what was causing the problems. When I started the weight loss journey I was hoping that any weight loss may take pressure off the stomach area that was really causing me problems, the doctor told me the issues weren't due to my diet or weight but I wanted to try my theory anyway. 

One big thing that really made me want to lose weight was my nephew starting to walk, I wanted to be able to chase him around without being out of breath after 2 minutes. I want to enjoy my time with him and be able to run around playing football with him but with how I was before the weight loss journey it wouldn't have happened. I would have spent more time sat around than chasing him which I wouldn't have enjoyed at all. 

I was certainly a lot happier previously before I gained all this weight so fingers crossed that I can get back down to a weight and body shape that brings me my confidence up, my fitness levels improve and my health issues subside as that would definitely make all the hard work to get to that stage worth it. Let's hope I can continue with this progress and really make a difference in my life with my fitness and confidence. 

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