October 2020 Fitness Update

Well October has been a great month personally but my weight loss journey has taken a bit of a hit. The month started with a week away where I just ate anything insight and had a few too many drinks. Then I returned to work for more days a week so I fell out of my new found routine. I was definitely struggling with trying to balance everything so I did do pretty well though to say how off track I went. The lack of a routine was really starting to get to me so towards the end of the month I tried to create a new routine which clearly worked well for me as I had two loses instead of gains for the final 2 weeks of the month. 

The new routine focused on what I ate and how much I was eating. It meant less takeaways and eating out and tracking what I ate on MyFitnessPal, which I will certainly be using plenty of from now on. I am hoping that by continuing this routine I will really see a difference over the next few months. 

 So here is what the physical changes went like:

Waist start : 110cm end : 106 cm

Hips start : 112 cm  end : 113cm

Right thigh start : 64cm end : 63cm

Right calf start : 42cm end : 43cm

To be honest I actually aren't too bothered with the results of the measurements as the waist has gone down which is one of my priorities at the moment plus there was only a 1cm difference with my hips. Fingers crossed though next month will be a decrease in all areas.

Beginning of October weight : 15 stone 8 & 1/2 lb 
End of October weight : 15 stone 10 & 1/2lb

Total loss + 2 lb .

 Here is what I am aiming for in November: 

- Get back on track with my workouts
- Get my steps up 
- Add more fruit & veg into my diet 
- lose 2lbs to get back over the half a stone mark

Overall 2020 loss so far : - 6 & 1/4 lb

I may have gained this month but my measurements are on the right track so I aren't too upset about the gain. Fingers crossed I will get the weight back down in November though as I am really trying to get back on track now and I am determined to get as close to 1 stone lost before December 31st. 

Anyone got any tips for staying on track?

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