Weekly Round Up #40


Another week done and a week that felt like a step back into normality before Saturday came and announced a new lockdown. It was nice having a full week back in work and getting bits done once I came home and I just hope nothing changes too much this week. 


Monday was back to work at long last. Then it was a trip to Asda to get our food shop done. It was nice to be back into a bit of a routine and having a Monday like we used to pre-lockdown in March. 


Tuesday I was at work again and then I went to freeze whilst watching the football. We must have been mad, it was cold, wet & windy but we still went to watch Bradford City Women vs Leeds United Women. It was a great game but it took me so long for me to warm up after. 


 Wednesday was a bit of fun after work as I went to carve pumpkins with my nephew who honestly wasn't very interested at all.  To be honest though it was just nice to spend more time with him. 


Thursday was a chilled night after work, we had nothing to do so I just got home and relaxed. It was nice just to have a night getting caught up on my blog bits and jobs around the house. I managed to slow down a bit.


Friday after work was a quick trip to see my nephew before going to Argos to pick up some presents I had ordered. Once we got home it was time to catch up on YouTube which had definitely been neglected.


On Saturday I was in town to pick up some other bits for Christmas but I couldn't find half the items I wanted, so that means another trip another day but luckily I don't have much left to buy. The evening was then spent waiting for the governments announcement before having a nice relaxed night. 


Sunday was just a relaxed blogging day once I sorted out some bits in the house. It was nice just having a day again of blogging again before getting ready for going back to work on Monday.  

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: I had only really been watching YouTube last week.

Reading:  I managed a few pages of my book but that was it. 
Listening to: I was listening to a lot of Lucy Spraggan again last week.

This week I want to do a few more workouts and carry on eating well. I did well last week so want to continue with it. I also want to revamp my gaming blog which is something I have been putting off a while but with next generation of consoles coming out and big ideas I may have to take the leap at long last. I also want to try get my Christmas shopping finished as I only have a few bits left to pick up. I just hope to have a productive week. 

See you soon

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