How I Style The Blue Champion Hoodie

Ah hoodies, my go to on those cooler days. I used to just throw on any old hoodie but now I tend to take consideration to what I buy and make sure the hoodie is going to fit with other items in my wardrobe. My current favourite hoodie is this blue Champion one as it's colour is so different to any I would usually wear and it is certainly a stand out piece. 

With it being a stand out piece I need to make sure I style it correctly, I don't want it to draw attention to a mess out an outfit. I want it to draw attention to a nice clean outfit so here are two of my favourite ways to style the hoodie... 

First up we have the hoodie teamed up with some skinny fit cargo pants and my Nike Air Force 1's. This seems to be one of my go to ways to wear any item lately as the cargo pants and Air Force 1's are so comfortable for whatever I am up to that day. The hoodie just adds a standout element to that otherwise basic black and white outfit. I have come to realise there isn't anything wrong with having a bit of colour in your outfit and in fact it just changes things up from time to time. 

For that super comfortable style I team the hoodie up with some slim fit joggers from Primark and my Nike React Element 55's. The sweatpants just add that extra level of comfort whereas the sneakers add some extra colour meaning it is a very colourful, stand out outfit over all. Neither the sneakers or hoodie are too in your face to over power each other but they in fact compliment each other quite well. 

I love how comfortable and simple this hoodie is whilst still catching your eye due to that stand out colour. I am certainly on the lookout for more Champion hoodies as this hasn't let me down and is going strong a few years after me purchasing it.

How would you style this Champion hoodie?

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