Weekly Round Up #44


Well what a fun week last week was. There was plenty done around the house, I got some blog bits and gaming done and I just generally had a great week. So here is how the week went...


Monday was a typical Monday in the office followed by our weekly food shop. I am really having this part of our normal routine back and having a nice stocked fridge for the week ahead. Once we got home we unpacked the bags and it was a case of just relaxing.


 Tuesday was a day with the nephew again which is great having that time with him. Once I got home from being with him I just had a chilled night watching the football. 

On Wednesday I was in work again but the day absolutely flew by. Once I got home I went on the exercise bike for a bit before having a night of blogging. 


Thursday was another day with my nephew and honestly the days with him go by far too fast. It was a case of just getting some blog bits done and chilling out. 


Friday I was back in work and just had a night of catching up on YouTube once I got home. It was a very well needed night off from doing anything.


On Saturday Liam was at work in the morning so I got up and just got cracking on with some blog bits I wanted to get finished off. It was a day of just getting things finished really and I spent 90% of the day sat at my PC which was great as a lot got ticked off my to do list. 


Sunday was a very fun day as we put up the Christmas tree. We ended up purchasing a new tree this year and I absolutely love it as it is a snowy one. We ended up having a nice relaxed day once the cleaning and Christmas decorating done, we watched the football, did some blogging and played some games which was great. 

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: A lot of football was watched but I also watched a lot of YouTube. 

Reading: The only reading I did was reading blog posts as I wanted to get caught up. 
Listening to: I ended up listening to a lot of Demi Lovato last week. 

This week I want to finish off getting the house looking spotless again. I am getting my hair cut too which I can't wait for. I am also hoping I can get some more Christmas presents wrapped and the last few bits purchased. If I get chance I would love to get more blog pics taken too as there are a few bits I need to take images for. The main thing though is to get the house sorted.

See you soon

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