October 2020 Favourites

October didn't seem to last 2 minutes at all it has just flown by. Which I love as it means layering season is officially here plus we are getting closer and closer to Christmas which I can't wait for as I am really looking forward to decorating the house and celebrating after how 2020 has gone. So here are some of my favourite things from the month of October



Finally the weather has changed enough for me to finally get wearing the jumpers I have purchased recently. To be totally honest I would much rather wear a jumper and some nice jeans day in day out instead of shorts and a t-shirt as I just feel more comfortable getting nice and wrapped up. I have a nice little selection of jumpers in my wardrobe now so I can't wait to get plenty of wear out of them. 


I have really fallen in love with my Converse since I received them for my birthday this year. They just go with so many items in my wardrobe and are really easy to style. The best part is though how comfortable they are, I can wear them all day and have no issues which is fantastic. They give my outfits a bit of a smarter look as opposed to just sneakers all the time.


Going Away

Finally after 3 cancelled trips away we managed to go on a Monday to Friday break. It was nice just to get away after being in the same environment for so long. We went down to the Norfolk Broads which was great as that is a place I have enjoyed going to for such a long time but haven't had chance to visit in a while. It was nice to have a week with Liam too as hes worked through nearly all of the year after just a short period of furlough so the break was chance for him to relax too. 

Getting plenty of blogging done 

October was a great month for getting things done on the blog as I actually managed to get plenty of content written ready for me to head back to work. In terms in content published it has done brilliantly compared to other months this year too which is always a bonus. I have actually managed to get nearly all 2020's content done so now it is just a case of planning for next year, which I have some plans in place for already.


Getting jobs ticked off

October has also been the month where we have managed to get plenty of jobs done around the house, the gardens have been tidied up and we have just managed to get them jobs done that we have been stalling on such as me clearing out my wardrobe etc. It is nice knowing that we are getting on top of things and getting rid of unnecessary bits that have been cluttering up the house. Poor Liam doesn't realise I am doing all this in preparation for Christmas.  

Health & fitness

Fitting into smaller clothing

My hard work is starting to pay off as I am starting to notice a difference in my body shape and how clothing is fitting me. I have actually had to go out and buy quite a few new bits ready for going back to work as nothing fit me anymore, clothing was just hanging off me. It has felt really rewarding going out and purchasing new bits for my wardrobe as it shows the progress I have made. 

So there you have it those are my favourites from October. What are your favourites from October 2020?

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