What I Would Love To Treat Myself To For Christmas...

Christmas is somehow fast approaching and to be honest I am glad as it means this year is nearly over. It is a year where most of it has been spent with nothing to do but it is also year where I have absolutely smashed my blogging and fitness goals. When I have been asked this year what I want for Christmas I have been drawing a blank as honestly I can't think of anything. I think that is because I am trying to lose weight and I have decided I don't want random little bits that are going to be cluttering up the house. I want the gifts to be something I need rather than something that is going to be wasted. So here are the items I am will be mentioning when people ask me what I am wanting...

Vans Old Skool

I love the Converse that I got for my birthday but there is just something drawing me into the Vans Old Skool's. They are just a classic that will go with so much of my wardrobe and will be a great addition into my sneaker collection. I would definitely opt for these in the black and white colourway so that they did go with the clothing I have already and are more convenient for me. 

Photo credit : Rmdy Clothing 

RMDY 1/4 zip

RMDY is a brand that I have discovered on Instagram thanks to Dom Hadley, since having a look at their profile and their website I have absolutely fallen in love with this 1/4 zip in this image. It looks so good and like it will keep me nice and warm and comfortable. I have heard that the RMDY stuff is good quality too so if I do end up getting it this should last me quite a while. 

Photo credit : Rmdy Clothing 

RMDY T-shirt

Similarly to the 1/4 zip I have fallen in love with a few of their t-shirts on the site. I love how you can either get something that is nice and bold or something a little more subtle. My eyes are definitely on the reflective panel t-shirt though as this is definitely a t-shirt I could pair with a lot of my wardrobe and it is a standout for sure. 

North Face Coat

I have had my eyes on a North Face coat for quite a while now but just haven't found the right one yet. I would like a nice waterproof puffer style one as I know that will fit my style the best plus I have wanted one for so long but just have never been able to get one that fit but thanks to this years weight loss this might actually fit me this time around when I find the perfect coat. 

Vans T-shirt

Vans have brought out a brilliant selection of t-shirts recently and JD have some fantastic Vans t-shirts in store so maybe it is time to add a few into my wardrobe. The good thing about JD is that some of these Vans t-shirts are also on 2 for £30 which is great value as I have had Vans clothing in the past that have lasted me years due to the quality of them.

Nike Socks

I don't think you can beat a good pair of white Nike sports socks, in fact they are actually what I wear 90% of the time especially any time I have my Nike Air Force 1's on. They are brilliant as they are so comfortable and if you can keep them white they do last quite a while.

Gymshark Shorts

All my gym shorts are currently far too bit for me which is driving me mad. I have found quite a few pairs I like on Gymshark but I can never find them in my new size which is driving me mad. I don't want to go overboard with the amount of gym wear I am buying as I don't go to the gym anymore, I just work out at home plus I am also still losing weight so there is no point in wasting loads of money when I might need to buy another size down a few months later. 

Peaky Blinders Whisky Glasses

I said at the beginning of this post I was only going to mention practical items and not stuff I don't really need but I love the Peaky Blinders thanks to binge watching it during lockdown. I also love whisky so what better than some Peaky Blinders whisky glasses for those nights I want a nice drink.

Christmas 2020 has definitely come around far too quick and to be honest I will just be happy spending time with my family for it but for those gifts these are the ideas I have come up with and would love to treat myself to too. What's on your Christmas wish list? 

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