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October has certainly been a spendy month thanks to me needing new clothes due to all my clothes I already owned starting to hang off me, I am loving the weight loss but honestly my poor bank account isn't enjoying it. I have actually ended up discovering new stores for my clothing too which has been great. Not only that but I have picked up some items to help my fitness journey as well as picking up something to help make my blogging better. there have been a few treats thrown into the mix too and here is what I picked up...

I finally picked up Spongebob Battle For Bikini Bottom Rehydrated for the Switch to keep me occupied whilst on Holiday during the month. To be honest I didn't really get to play much of it as there was plenty going on but what I did play I really enjoyed. 

October was the month FIFA 21 was finally released too which I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. This was my holiday treat as I was actually away when it came out and I had put some money to one side for it. I treated myself to the ultimate edition this year too for a change. 

I managed to a USB-C hub at long last for my Macbook. It was definitely need as now I can finally put my memory card straight into the Macbook instead of having to mess around getting images on to it. This is great for making the most out of my Macbook when I am on the go too as I don't have to wait until I am home to use my PC as I now have all the ports I need. 

You can't beat a good can of Fanta lemon, I love this as it reminds me of being on my holidays. I always struggle to find it though so when I came across it in my local B&M I got stocked up. 

Whilst we were away Liam treated me to a bottle of Rum which I had my eye on for most of the week. These days I don't drink half as much as I used to and the drinks cabinet is actually overflowing but I haven't seen this one before and am really looking forward to trying it.

I am trying my best to change up my snacks lately as I want to be eating things that benefit me instead of just filling me with junk. So when I saw these on a trip to B&M I thought I would give them a try before I order anything else from MyProtein as I don't have much to order from there yet. 

Whilst on holiday I also managed to find an item I had wanted for a while... an AB roller. This is a piece of gym equipment I have wanted to pick up as ab's is an area I really need to work on but I had struggled to find one. This was only £8 and I am hoping it does the job for me. 

Whilst we were away me, my sister and my nephew all did some of this sand art where you picked what you wanted and filled it in whichever colours you wanted. Of course I picked the football as soon as I saw it and it is now on display in the spare room. 

When I picked up my copy of FIFA I got the football shirt to go along with it. I love the shirts they bring out for FIFA as they are always so different and this years is no different. It is great quality too. 

Thanks to purchasing FIFA I also got a voucher for 20% off any football shirt from Sports Direct which gave me the perfect reason to pick up the new England shirt which I am in love with. As soon as it was released I wanted it but couldn't justify the price so the 20% off made my mind up for me and I made the purchase. I am sure you will be seeing this on Instagram a few times. 

I actually had to go out and purchase some belts in October too as my previous ones were just too big for me, who knew you would eventually have to size down in belts too. Luckily I just buy the 2 packs from Primark which are £5 so they are inexpensive and last so when I do need to size down again it won't be a waste of too much money. 

I also picked up a new jumper for my nephew from Primark for £5 as we both love Toy Story. For £5 if it lasts him a few month that is fine and the design on it is great with all our favourite characters on the front. 

I needed to pick up some new black jeans that weren't skinny as I am starting to stray away from skinny jeans lately. The Sainsbury's 25% off sale certainly came at the right time as I managed to pick up these black girlfriend ones for just £12. They are a nice fit and a great change from my usual skinny jeans. 

From Sainsbury's before the 25% off sale I also picked up these grey jeans that are more of a slim fit as opposed to a skinny or straight one. They are just nicely in between the slim and skinny style and are the perfect length for me which as you will know I often struggle with. I will definitely purchase these again when I need another size smaller. 

During my weight loss I have set myself goals and I picked up these trousers from H&M as my goal trousers. As it stands I can't fasten them up but now I have something to aim for and I am really looking forward to getting plenty of wear out of these. I love the white stitching details on the black trousers.

Also from the Sainsbury's 25% off sale I picked up this stone coloured t-shirt for around £3.75. I am in need of more plain t-shirts as all my old ones no longer fit me so for the price I picked up a colour I wouldn't normally go for. 

I also ended up getting some plain t-shirts from H&M which is certainly becoming one of my favourite stores. I got a maroon one for Liam and I got a grey & navy one for myself, again these are 2 colours I am hit and miss with so it is nice to have them as an option. 

Finally for the plain t-shirts I made the most of the Marks & Spencer's 3 for £16 offer and got myself 2 black and one grey. I have found it really difficult to find black t-shirts this time around but these are a really nice material and are actually quite thick. 

With me returning to work I knew I needed to add a few new jumpers to my wardrobe as my ones from last year didn't fit and the office is far too cold at this time of year to just wear a t-shirt. This plain grey jumper was just £5 and I know it's going to last me a while and serve me well. If I want to as well I could even wear a white shirt under this to give it an even smarter look. 

Last year I had quite a few of these £6 jumpers from Primark with the stripe across the chest but unfortunately when I went to try them on they no longer fit me so I am glad they are doing them again this year. For now I just have the 1 but who knows how many I will end up with before the cold weather ends. 

I also picked up this plain grey jumper from Primark for £8 and I am totally in love with it. It fits really well and is really comfortable for the price tag. When I purchased this I couldn't see it in any other colours but I will be keeping an eye out for them in the future. 

Chunky knit jumpers are something I have wanted for a while but I have never found one that fits me nicely. So when I saw this one in Primark I picked it up, took it home and fell in love with it. This work be a work jumper but will be worn plenty of times as it looks nice and smart. Now I just need them in more colours.

Technically this isn't something I bought but it is something new in my wardrobe. This Paul Smith polo shirt was my grandads and when he first showed me it I told him how much I liked it. He said if I could fit into it then I could have it, well 2 or more years later I finally have it and I can't wait to get styling it. 

You will have seen me mention Rivici on here before but in October they had a big sale on so I picked up a few bits, a hoodie has gone away for Christmas but I loved the looked of this t-shirt for £10 so I picked it up for myself and I am so glad I did as it is so comfortable and really good quality. 

My love for Rivici started with this sweatshirt in t-shirt form so when I saw the sweatshirt was just £15 it went straight into my basket. I love the design on this and the zip details on the sides. I am sure you will be seeing plenty of images of this on here and on Instagram in the near future.

So there you have it that is what I picked up throughout October, I definitely spent more than I should have so lets hope November isn't too spendy although there will be at least 1 big purchase happening.

What is your favourite item you bought in October?

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