A Chunky Jumper Is Perfect For This Weather

Last year I was desperate to pick up a chunky knit jumper however, I just couldn't seem to find one that would fit me. But thanks to me losing weight this year I finally managed to pick on up in a grey colour from Primark. At just £12 this jumper is fantastic, it fits me nice and it has been washed a few times now and hasn't clicked or lost its shape. 

One thing I have looked for when it comes to chunky knit jumpers is one that is the right thickness. I don't want a thin one as that just defeats the whole reason for getting one seen as it is highly unlikely to keep me warm. I didn't want one that was going to be too thick either as it could get too warm very easily when I have my coat on too but this is the perfect in between. 

If you have read this blog for a while you will know I often have problems with the length in the body of some jumpers and same with the arms but they are perfect for me, it is such a nice fit. The arms rest just a bit past my wrists but they aren't half as long as previous jumpers. The neck doesn't ride too high on this one either it sits really nice and doesn't make me feel like it is strangling me. 

The pattern on the jumper is really nice too with the different patterns working well together and creating a great overall design. I was worried the pattern may ruin easily as it stands off the jumper a bit but so far there has been no damage at all and the design has held up really well.  

I have found that this style of jumper goes with a lot of my wardrobe but my favourite look is definitely the jumper with my skinny cargo pants and my white air force 1's. It is a really nice look and works well together. To me this is definitely a smarter look but I can always dress it up a bit more by swapping the Air Force for my black converse which will definitely smarten it up that little bit more. Even throwing on a nice pair of Chelsea boots with this outfit would look great and I am sure I will be using that combination quite a bit in the future.

I am so glad I can finally own a chunky knit jumper as it is something I have wanted for so long so who knows there may  be more getting added to the wardrobe soon as I think I would love a navy blue one. 

Do you like wearing chunky knit jumpers or are you more into a t-shirt and just layering up in the winter months? 

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