Weekly Round Up #41


Another week closer to Christmas which I am certainly getting excited for and am actually prepared for this year. We are also another week closer the release of the PS5 which we have on preorder and I can't wait for. The week also saw the start of another lockdown which is hopefully going to fly by but over all it was a pretty good week and here is how it went...


Monday was back to work and once again the day just seemed to fly by. Then it was the dreaded food shop trip which to be honest wasn't too bad however, there was a lot of items that had clearly been panic bought as some aisle were lacking in products.


Tuesday was a day with the nephew again which I love having time to spend with him. We went and did a lot of Christmas shopping and I actually nearly managed to complete my list which is great. Then we watched the Bradford City match online which was great as we finally won.


Wednesday was another day in work which I didn't seem to be in for 2 minutes before I was finished and heading out for a meal. We ended up at Alibi in Halifax for Steak night which was fantastic then having a few drinks, surprisingly it was actually really quiet and nice to be out for a change.


Thursday was a day with the nephew again, we spent the day just having fun at home, watching TV, playing with his toys & doing some crafts. Then it was home to do a bit of blogging which I had neglected last week. 


Friday I was in the office again before heading home doing a workout and just relaxing for the rest of the night. It was definitely nice just having a night of doing nothing.


Saturday was a day of getting stuff done. We got blog pictures taken and I got some blogging done which I wanted to get done and out of the way so I could have Sunday just relaxing and gaming.


Sunday went just how I hoped, I got up after a little lie in to finish off some blogging bits before spending the rest of the day gaming and watching YouTube.

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: Again I only watched YouTube as I had a lot to catch up on 

Reading:  I didn't get around to reading anything at all. 
Listening to: I ended up listening to a lot of Fifth Harmony again for some reason.

This week I want to get fully caught up on my blogging as I have quite a lot of posts I am in the process of writing. I also want to try pick up an Xbox if my car doesn't require anything doing to it when it has been in the garage. The big thing I want to do though is sort the games room out ready for the new console additions. 

See you soon

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