The Wardrobe Essentials : The Lounge Wear We All Need Right Now

2020 has definitely been the year of the lounge wear and luckily when lockdown begun I was more than prepared for being comfortable whilst been stuck in the house. This is thanks to the amount of lounge wear I have had in the house for a long time, there has been plenty of options for me to reach for whatever the occasion. Whether it has been sitting at my PC blogging all day, binge watching TV or simply playing games I have had outfit choices for any of them. So here are the different piece of lounge wear I think everyone should have to hand... 

Dressing Gown

You can't beat a dressing gown when the weather drops colder but you don't want to put the heating on. I have worn mine so many times these past few months to stay warm whilst blogging away. The best thing is you can get thick or thin dressing gowns so you can get them for all seasons. I literally wear mine for anything it is even great for when I am sat gaming as it is comfortable but keeps me warm without restricting my movements whilst playing or typing.


Hoodies are great for all times of the year whether you are wearing them outside or not. For those full days indoors I love just throwing on an old hoodie and staying nice and warm throughout the day. I tend to wear the hoodies with a pair of shorts all year round on those days in as the outfit is just so easy to throw together and it doesn't matter if the outfit looks put together or not as at the end of the day who is going to see it other than me and Liam? 

Slippers / Slides

I have a pair of slippers that I tend to wear around the house especially when I am at my desk as it keeps my feet that little bit warmer. But if I need to run outside or I am just sat around downstairs I will throw on my slides as they are just as good as the slippers but a lot more practical for heading out in for a quick run out to out something in the bin or check something in the gardens. 


I never thought I would bother with sweatshirts as I would rather pick up a hoodie however, 2020 is the year that has changed for me. I actually enjoy sitting around with a sweatshirt on rather than a hoodie all the time as the sweatshirt is often less heavy and it feels nice not having a hood hanging around my neck all the time. The best part though is that sweatshirts are a really reasonable price so you can get stopped up without having to break the bank. My current favourite is actually one I picked up for around £3 in the Sainsbury's sale of all places. 


Sweatpants have also been something I have reached for a lot more often lately as they just add a bit of extra warmth as opposed to the shorts I usually wear.  Just like with the sweatshirts there are plenty of reasonably priced options and there are all sorts of fits too, my personal favourites are a pair of slim fit ones I picked up from Primark for £9.

Jersey shorts

As I said earlier I always tend to throw on a pair of shorts and a hoodie on those days I have indoors and there is nothing better than a good pair of jersey shorts. My favourite shorts are some jersey ones I pick up from Primark every year. They are so comfortable and are nice and thick too so even on the cold days they keep you a little warm. Again though there are plenty of different types of shorts out there and something to suit everyone, I think my next pair maybe Nike as they look great. 

Lightweight T-Shirts

On those warmer days or when we have the heating on it is all about t-shirts in this house but if I am lounging around I stick to my lightweight t-shirts, I try to avoid my heavy ones as I want to be nice and comfortable which for some reason with t-shirts I much prefer something lightweight against when I pick up a hoodie. My favourites are just plain black t-shirts from the likes of H&M or Marks & Spencer's which again are very reasonably priced. 


You can't beat a good pair of pyjamas when you are lounging around especially on the cosy winter nights when you are curled up watching films with the fire lit. There is nothing better in my opinion than a long pair of pyjamas on whilst wrapped under a blanket with a hot chocolate watching a film, if the pyjamas are nice and comfortable too that is even better as you could easily end up falling asleep you are that comfortable. A pair of short pyjamas are great for the warmer weather too as they can be thrown on as soon as you get in from whatever that day is held and just get nice and comfortable and relax from the day you have just had.

So there you have it those are my perfect items for lounging around in. But what do you prefer? Can you recommend any good brands for me to try when it comes to restocking some lounge wear bits?  

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