The Classic Converse I Have Slept On Too Long....

This year I have really invested in my wardrobe and my sneaker collection to add pieces that are what I consider classics. For years I only had a pair of red low Converse so this year was time for me to finally get my hands on a pair of the classic black ones. 
The red ones were great don't get me wrong but unfortunately they don't fit with most of my wardrobe which is what I am now looking for as I want to start getting my money worth from sneakers instead of wearing the same over and over due to them working with more of my clothing. These black ones do just that, they fit with about 90% of my wardrobe and are going to work very well through all the seasons as I have outfits in mind for them all, they are just so easy to style and you can easily piece together an outfit around these sneakers if you want to. I could through these on with a pair of chinos. jeans or sweatpants and it works. Same when I through on a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and bomber jacket with these you get a preppy kind of style, which is just what sort of style this silhouette really gives me. 

I was definitely worried about how easy these would be to take on and off due to them being the high silhouette and me being used to sneakers that slide on and off not just a high canvas shoe. I didn't need to worry though as once I got used to how tight the shoe needed to be I got used to getting it on and off whilst not having to loosen it too much so it fit nice once put back on without spending ages messing around. The laces did feel too long at first but I have started looping them around the shoe and then fastening them which is something I first saw on Instagram, it has made the laces feel a bit shorter whilst also making the shoes a little bit different. 

They are really comfortable too, which to be honest I didn't expect. I am used to Adidas's Ultraboost technology these days and the comfort that gives me but to be honest the Converse aren't bad at all. When I have worn the Converse it has been on days where I am on my feet all day walking around and I haven't had any issues at all with them. They haven't needed to be broken in just straight out of the box, on my feet and out for a full day, I have had no blisters and they haven't rubbed me at all which was a great surprise as if they had caused me any issues no doubt I would have put them on a shelf and never bothered about them again.  

I actually really want to pick up a pair of the white high top Converse & both the black and white low versions so I have plenty of options for all weathers as they are such good value for money. The different colours and silhouettes will definitely give me plenty of options for different seasons and weather scenarios. These black high top black ones were £57 which when you think about it isn't too bad at all compared to the price of some sneakers out there these days. 

I think it is safe to say I am definitely a Converse convert now and I am on the look out for more pairs in the near future. You just can't go wrong with these and I can't wait to style them in different ways.  

 I am still in the process of adding classic items that will go with more items in my wardrobe and last me a while as I am wanting to make investments as opposed to just buying cheap. Can you recommend any shops or items for me to check out? 

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