Weekly Round Up #42

We are edging closer and closer to Christmas but most importantly for me I am finally getting closer to receiving my PS5 which is basically Christmas come early for me. I had another great week last week and here is how it went... 


I was in the office on Monday but had to drop my car off for its M.O.T first, luckily the car passed so it didn't cost me a fortune. Once Liam got home it was our usual trip to Asda to do our food shop before coming home and just relaxing for the night. 


On Tuesday I was with my nephew for the day and it was fantastic. We had his tent set up in the living room and we had hours of fun. We want on a nice long walk and I ended up as a climbing frame for the day. I was absolutely worn out so by the time I got home I ended up crawling into bed and caught up on YouTube. 


Wednesday I was back in the office and as usual the day absolutely flew by. When I got home I went on the exercise bike for a bit before working on some new blog posts. 


Thursday started with an early morning workout then it was another day with the nephew and we smashed another nice long walk which was brilliant even if it was really windy. It was another brilliant day but again I was definitely ready for bed by the time I got home.


Friday I was in the office again but 4pm came sooner than expected and I was home and doing a hiit workout. Once that workout was done I jumped on the exercise bike for an hour before spending the rest of the night blogging. 


Liam was at work Saturday so I nipped into town to pick some bits I needed. Once I got home it was time to watch some women's football before going into the games room to get plenty of blog posts written and finished off.


Sunday was a bit of a mixed day, we got some jobs done around the house and then I spent the rest of the day playing some games and working on some more blog posts. I am actually quite enjoying my Sunday's at home whilst we are in the second lockdown. 

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: All I did last week was catch up on YouTube videos. 

Reading:  I managed a few pages of my book but that was it. 
Listening to: To be honest I didn't really listen to much music at all last week as I was listening to YouTube videos instead. 

This week I want to get more blogging done as I am so close to actually finishing all my 2020 content which for me is fantastic as I am never this organised. We hopefully have the PS5 arriving on Thursday so I want to move some things around so that I can have the PS5 exactly where I want it, this will mean moving my older consoles around, changing what is on the sofa bed and just generally having a good tidy up in the room. I am also very tempted to make a start on wrapping Christmas presents too before we get all the decorations out.  

See you soon

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