Wearing A Full Tracksuit In A Colour Out Of My Comfort Zone

 Remember a few weeks ago I posted about loving wearing full tracksuits, well I have a new favourite tracksuit and it comes from Gymshark. 

Back on black Friday I was lucky enough to be able to pick up the complete Raid tracksuit in this gorgeous light blue colour. Now after I ordered this tracksuit I was a bit skeptical with the colour but it is perfect for the cooler weather and is really easy to style. Both items fit perfectly too, I got both the hoodie and joggers in XL and I am glad I didn't go any smaller as these are a perfect fit. 

The hoodie is just nice and simple with the Gymshark name just going down the chest but not too large, and the hoodie has a bit of a bagginess to it which I love as it just gives the neck are a little bit of a different look, plus when you put the hood up it covers your neck a little bit so it is perfect for the colder weather as you will definitely be kept warm. One thing I always want from a hoodie is zip pockets so I don't have to worry about losing any of my items and this hoodie has just that so I can wear this and be confident I aren't going to lose my phone or money. 

One of my favourite features though is something you don't see on most items.... the popper on the side of the hoodie and at the bottom of the joggers. I love them, they just make them so different and you can have them open if you wish or closed. No doubt I will have these closed more than I have open but you can also have them looking different if you wish. Plus when you open the poppers up you get a little more of the Gymshark branding. 

 I was definitely missing some slim fitting joggers in my wardrobe but these are definitely ticking those boxes. Sometime I struggle with skinny fit items just making me feel uncomfortable and like they are stuck to me however, with these I haven't struggled at all as they are tight but not too tight. 

There is a bit of excess material towards the ankle of the jogger but to be honest I expect that these days as my legs are so short. But that excess material doesn't really bother me though as I think it actually looks quite good on these joggers. Again there is minimal branding on the joggers as you just have the Gymshark name down the left hand side. Plus these joggers also have the zip pockets which means I can also happily put my phone or money in these and not have to worry about them sliding out. The tracksuit washes well too, it hasn't lost any shape and even after I spilled something down it the stain has come straight out and you would never tell it was there. 

This tracksuit is definitely going to be worn plenty of times and as a full tracksuit however, some days I may have to split it up a little bit as I think this could go with most of my wardrobe. I just know this tracksuit is far too good to wear to the gym.  

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