The Summer Essentials Your Wardrobe Needs

Summer is here but is your wardrobe ready for it? I recently had a check through my wardrobe and there were a few items missing however, that will soon be changing. For the warmer weather you are going to want clothing that reflects the weather, for many years I constantly wore all black outfits in the summer and honestly I suffered for it I was just too warmer and very uncomfortable. That is why I now try to wear lighter colours/ lighter & looser fitting clothing so I can enjoy my days rather than spend time worrying about sweating and being uncomfortable.  So here is what I think you should be looking to add to your wardrobe for the warmer months ahead...

On the top


T-shirts are basically an everyday essential for me as I would rather wear a t-shirt than a shirt and summer is no exception to that in fact this is perfect weather for me as I think t-shirt weather is the best. There are plenty of t-shirt options out there and I am opting to get away from bold printed t-shirts as I am getting a bit fed up of them so here are the t-shirts I think everyone should have on hand to wear throughout summer.

Slim fit t-shirt

These have been a recent addition for me and I am loving them as they just make an outfit look so much better. The fit on these t-shirts just make the outfit look cleaner as it isn't just hung off you and the tighter fit can also help accentuate your figure if that is a look you are trying to pull off. I would recommend having a look around as you can get some good quality slim t-shirts in different colours that are perfect for the warmer weather.

Regular fit t-shirt

If you are wanting something with a bit of a looser fit than a slim fitting t-shirt then a regular fit t-shirt is the way to go. However, you don't want the t-shirt to look like it is hung off you (I have had this happen in the past), if you want to get the over-sized look  make sure you do it right don't just pick any random t-shirt and hope it works as sometimes it doesn't and it will just make your outfit look messy.  A good quality and good fitting regular fit t-shirt could make a nice outfit look a bit more relaxed and change your outfit as opposed to just a plain slim fit t-shirt. Again definitely have a look around as you can get some great colours for the warmer weather.

Striped t-shirt

A striped t-shirt can just change up an outfit and give an outfit a great look. You could team up a striped t-shirt with some nice shorts and shoes & you will have a nice nautical look going on. Stripe t-shirts are something I have stayed away from in the past however, I do have a few in my wardrobe at the moment which I will be wearing quite often in the warmer weather and I will definitely be picking more up in the future, a nice white and black or white and navy t-shirt will look great with some of the other items I already own.


Linen Shirt

You are going to want to be cool in the warmer weather and one of the perfect ways to do this is by wearing a linen shirt. Up until last year I never even considered wearing a linen shirt but now I want to add even more into my wardrobe. I loved wearing mine for those days where I just wanted to dress up a little smarter and it worked, perfect with shorts, chinos or even jeans if you really want to linen shirts can be pretty versatile. Plus you can get them in long or short sleeve so there are plenty of options out there for you.

Short Sleeve Shirt

Now this is a clothing item I love, you just can't beat a short sleeve shirt & summer is a perfect time to wear them You can get plain ones or printed ones but they all look great. The best part is you can layer with them too, if you fancy your shirt being open with a t-shirt underneath then you can, just make sure your t-shirt sleeves don't poke out under the shirt sleeves. You can get some great quality short sleeved shirts for great prices so have a look around there are plenty of options out there.

On the Bottom

You aren't going to want to be wearing tight skinny jeans or any bottoms that are a thick material in the warmer weather because that just isn't comfortable. So you are going to want something more lightweight just to keep you from feeling so warm plus you will feel a lot more comfortable during the day as you wont feel as restricted. So here are the bottoms you should be looking at adding to your wardrobe for the summer months.


Just as I said in the spring essentials post, chinos can smarten up any look and they are perfect for the warm weather due to their lightweight material. Team these up with some nice footwear and a nice top & you are good to go. You can get some great quality chinos at reasonable prices plus there are plenty of colours out there so there is something for every style/colour palette.

Chino Shorts

Chinos don't just come in a longer length there are also some great chino shorts out there for you to add to your wardrobe. Again these come in plenty of colours to suit everyone's style/colour palette. They just give you an extra smart option for those days that are too warm to wear long length pants. One great way to wear these would be a pair of khaki/stone chino shorts with a nice t-shirt (striped would be great) then finish off with a nice pair of boat shoes or white sneakers and in my opinion that would be a great way to wear the shorts, in fact it is how I will wear them most of the summer days where I want a smarter look.

Lightweight / light coloured jeans

If you do want to wear jeans during the warmer months I would really recommend going for a lightweight material in a lighter colour. This will just help you feel a bit cooler and more comfortable when it does get warm. I try to stay away from the tight fitting skinny jeans when it is warm and that is why I have Mom / boyfriend fit jeans in a lighter colour as they are just as looser fitting and the lighter colour just makes me feel a bit cooler which I think is just psychological.

Denim shorts

One of my go to items in the warmer weather are definitely denim shorts, they are just so much better than wearing full length jeans. Denim shorts are just a great alternative that are so easy to style. I would recommend looking around and picking the style that is best for you, personally I pick up knee length light coloured and black skinny denim shorts as they are great to style, suit me and work well with the rest of my wardrobe.

Sweat shorts

Sweat shorts/ jersey shorts are brilliant for those lazier day and more casual outfits. They are fantastic for when you are staying in the house and don't want to make an effort. I have plenty of pairs of jersey shorts in my wardrobe as I will just throw a pair on after work ready for an evening of watching YouTube or gaming. The best part is for a decent pair it isn't going to break the bank plus you don't have to really worry about getting the best of the best because who is going to see them if they are just for lounging?

On your feet

No outfit is complete without some great footwear that fits brilliantly and works well with your outfit. To me the footwear is one of the most important parts of the outfit so you are going to want to make sure it fits with your clothing so they don't stand out for all the wrong reasons. There are so many options out there that will work so well with plenty of different outfit options so here are the ones I think you should be looking at owning for summer.

White sneakers

There are so many options out there for a great pair of plain white sneakers. In fact one of my current favourite pairs cost me just £12 from my local Primark. A pair of clean white sneakers will definitely go with 90% of your wardrobe and it just adds some simplicity to your outfit and goes so nicely with a variety of clothing. Just make sure they look clean and not filthy as no one like a filthy pair of sneakers, in fact I have a new post coming very soon on how to keep your sneakers clean.


Vans are an absolute classic option for me but they are a type of footwear that I easily fall in and out of love with. However, recently I have definitely found myself looking at picking up more and more pairs of vans especially the Old Skool range. A nice pair of black and white Old Skool's teamed up with some nice denim shorts could really make a great look.

Boat shoes

Boat shoes are an alternative to sneakers and they can look great when worn with the right outfit. I actually have a pair of Vans boat shoes that I love to wear in the warmer weather. I usually team these up with some chino shorts and a nice plain t-shirt and it makes for quite a nice outfit.


My go to footwear when I am around the garden has become sliders just thanks to how easy they are to get on and off. Plus these would be perfect for a trip to the beach or if you are poolside for a day as you can just slide them on and off when you need to move around.  There are some great picks out there for you and come in a variety of prices so there is an option for everyone's budget.

The jackets

If you are in the UK like me then there is a high chance you daren't leave the house without a jacket due to how unpredictable the UK weather is especially lately. That is why having a good choice of jackets available is essential so that you are covered for any possibility. Here are two options I would definitely recommend having on hand for the summer months.

Lightweight Jacket

If you are in the UK like me no doubt you will need something to keep you dry through those almost guaranteed summer showers. A lightweight jacket is perfect for those occasions as it will be waterproof as well as keeping you cool in the warmer weather. Again there are so many different options out there so go have a look and see what suits you best. I currently have one from H&M that I am absolutely loving as it keeps me dry and I don't get too warm in it. Just be careful when purchasing a jacket those as I have had some in the past that claim to be waterproof however, they have been far from it.

Bomber & Baseball jacket

On a night it can drop really cool here in the UK even when it has been really warm throughout the day. I have found that my go to jacket over the past few years has been a baseball jacket as it is lightweight and really takes the chill off, the best part is there are plenty of thicknesses of baseball jackets out there so you have a choice of selection. Another jacket I love is a bomber jacket especially when wearing my jeans or chinos as it doesn't spoil the look it actually fits quite well.


Accessories are an essential for all seasons and the right ones can really finish off an outfit for you. An outfit isn't just clothing for me it is about what you pair with the clothing you pick. So here are some accessories I would recommend adding to your wardrobe to pair up with your outfit choices.


You need to be protecting your eyes in the warmer weather as those sun rays can do some real damage, plus they help you cover up those watery eyes if you suffer from hay fever like me. A great quality pair of sunglasses might seem like a huge investment to you however, is it really that much of an investment if it protects your eyesight for years to come? I know I would rather purchase a pair of sunglasses that are going to look after my eye health for plenty of years and finish off an outfit rather than not bother and struggle with my eyesight in the future.

Woven Belt

A woven belt looks a lot better with chinos in my opinion over a leather belt so in the warmer weather try to change things up a bit and reach for a woven belt over leather one. I have found they are more comfortable too and the buckles are less bulky on a woven belt compared to a leather one so why not give one a try?

No show socks

These are one of the top things on this list to pick up even if you just think oh I need to get this about one item it should be this one. Some outfits looks great with shorts and crew socks however, for a smarter look a pair of no show socks is the way to go. You don't want a pair of trainer socks peaking over the top of your sneaker as it just looks messy and like you have forgotten about that aspect of your outfit. A pair of no show socks will tidy up the footwear and give you that comfort of wearing socks throughout the day.

Good scent

You want to smell good throughout summer alongside looking good. No doubt in the heat you will be sweating more however, you don't have to smell, just a simple fragrance can really help stop the smell. You are going to want a lighter scent for summer as opposed to the heavier scents you often wear during the colder months.

The best part about most of these items is that you could very easily wear them in multiple other seasons too especially the shoes and accessories which means you are definitely going to get plenty of wear out of them. Plus if you get an item which is better quality (which is a new rule I am going to follow, post coming soon) then you are possibly going to be able to wear these items the following year & possibly even longer.

So there you have it, do you own any of these items? Or are you going to pick some up in the future? Let me know. Also what do you consider to be some of your summer wardrobe essentials?

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