July 2020 Favourites

Another month has been and gone and how quickly are we approaching the end of the year, it doesn't seem like 2 minutes ago it was Christmas and we are getting closer and closer to December once again. I feel like I have blinked and this year has just flown so far part of me wants it to slow down but then another part just wants 2020 over and done with. 

July has been a pretty good month, I have spent time with family and discovered new favourite things once again so here are my favourites from the month of July...


 Nike Air Force 1's

Just like last month the Nike Air Force 1's are appearing on this list. They are just so comfortable and super easy to style, I really do wish I had picked them up sooner as they really are a staple piece for me now. Plus I have gone a full month with keeping them nice and clean for a change. 

Nike T-Shirts

Nike just seems to be my go to brand at the moment whether it is the sneakers they are producing or the clothing I have been wearing. I seem to have spent a lot of the month just wearing Nike t-shirts and I am all for it as they are so comfortable and really fit me nicely which is something I have been struggling with lately. The prints have been nice and bold on the t-shirts I have been wearing so they are definitely stand out pieces. I am hoping that I can pick up a few more items from nike in the near future. 


Spending time with the Nephew

July has been a month of spending time with my nephew and seeing him grow into the cheeky little character he is has been fantastic. He is 16 month old now and is definitely developing his own little personality plus he is certainly my little best friend so every minute I am getting with him is perfect. I have realised I could be in the worst mood ever but that soon changes the second I see him.


Things coming together

Finally we have got somewhere with our back garden, it is very nearly complete and just knowing we are so close to finishing another house job is fantastic. Looking around we actually don't have that much to do now just big jobs that are going to need saving for so we can finally have a bit of a break and just relax for a bit. I just hope once the garden is complete we get some nice weather so we can enjoy the space. 

Health & fitness

Seeing a difference

July is the month where I have really started to notice a difference in my body whilst I am on my weight loss journey. My clothing is fitting me a lot better but that isn't the biggest difference I have noticed... my fitness levels are getting a lot better now too as my heart rate doesn't get as high as it used to when I work out. Just seeing little differences like that is fantastic. 

Going on walks 

July has also been the month for going out on walks again, whether it is just around the nearby streets or at the park. It has been great just getting out seeing different places and more importantly helping my weight loss journey by being a lot more active. 

What are your favourites from June 2020?

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