Weekly Round Up #26

Another week has gone and it is another step closer to some normality returning, we have seen pubs and restaurants start to open but honestly not much has changed here just yet, here is how my week went.

Monday was a quiet day in, well my nanna came to see me for a bit then it was a day at my PC working on new blog posts and ticking items off my to do list. This was most certainly my most productive day and it was great seeing so many things get done, leaving me without much more to do over the rest of the week as I was pretty busy.

On Tuesday my dad needed my help with a site visit for work so it was a trip down to Stratford-Upon-Avon for us to do some measuring. So Tuesday was mostly spent in the car but I enjoyed it as it was certainly something different.

Wednesday was a trip to the shops when I finally managed to pick up more clothing fit me and a few other bits that were needed. I think I am all set now and don't actually need anything else, although I do have my eyes on some new lamps for the bedroom.

On Thursday we had a nice trip to the seaside where I did plenty of walking and got some much needed fresh air. The best part is the weather held up too so I didn't end up getting soaked like I thought I would. I even picked up a couple of new books whilst we were there too.

Friday started off with a nice relaxing morning just catching up on TV & a few blogging bits then I went down to see my nephew for a bit. Then it was my favourite time of the week... the food shop. To be honest I aren't finding doing the food shop too bad as I am trying to budget myself and only get what we are actually going to eat.

On Saturday me and Liam just stayed in did some cleaning then he played his games whilst  I did a few blog bits and made a real budgeting sheet, something clicked last week and I realised I want to work on myself and my finances so what better way to start than creating a spreadsheet so I can keep an eye on my spending for once as I am sick of buying things I don't need. 

Sunday was an early start thanks to the really strong winds waking me up early. However, I still managed to get a bit more cleaning done, got some blogging done and planned for the week ahead. I had plenty of time just to relax too which was great.

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: As usual I watched a lot of YouTube however, I also watched Hollyoaks and finally got to watch Frozen 2 which is a brilliant film.

Reading:  I finally finished the dreaded book I just couldn't get into it took a while but I wasn't giving up on it. Now I just need to find what I am reading next.
Listening to:  Surprisingly I spent most of last week listening to podcasts, there were some gaming ones I listened to but I have fallen in love with Feature Podcast by Justin Tse, it is a bit of everything that I love. Can you recommend any other podcasts for me to listen to? I am leaning towards fitness,fashion, self improvement, business and content creating ones at the moment.

This week I want to get August's content mapped out and make a start on some of those posts. I also want to get plenty of pictures taken for my blog & Instagram.  I am also hoping to get plenty more jobs done around the house instead of spending all day every day at my PC, I definitely need a few breaks in between. 

See you soon

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