June 2020 Favourites

Where has June gone? It seemed like I blinked and it is suddenly July. June was a bit of a mixed month as it meant I could see family members again but still couldn't do most things I would class as normal activities although the shops did start to reopen in June meaning we could go out if we really needed to. June has also been a bit of a mix for me as some days I have been really motivated but then tat motivation has just been disappearing, I think that is down to the mixed weather we have been having too as one day it has been red hot and the other days it just hasn't stopped raining. So here are some of my favourites from June...


 Nike Air Force 1's

I have been wanting a pair of the white Nike Air Force 1's for such a long time now and in June I finally took the plunge and picked a pair up. At £80 they are definitely on the more expensive side however, you just can't beat an all white pair of sneakers. I am just hoping that I can keep them looking clean and in good condition for a long time. 


I have more or less lived in shorts throughout June. With the temperatures reaching the higher 20's at points I have wanted to feel comfortable so I have just reached for a pair of shorts when getting ready in a morning. Plus with me spending days sat at my PC working on content comfort has been essential so I have just thrown on some shorts and a t-shirt or football shirt just to make sure I was as comfy as possible. 


Seeing Family

It has been fantastic throughout June to see family members even if it has been at a distance in the garden it is better than nothing. I really think this whole lockdown situation has made me appreciate family even more than before. There has been a few special occasions too so to be able to celebrate together was fantastic, we still have a lot to catch up on though.


Changing Little Bits

Throughout June I have been picking up little bits and pieces to change our bedroom around a little bit. I was getting sick of some items being in the way so I picked up some Ottoman's to store those items and it made the bedroom look different. So after that I decided to pick up a few other bits and the room is definitely looking different. 

Getting The Garden Done

We finally booked in for our back garden doing so we can finally get the whole thing looking nice instead of having the eye sore of the bottom of the garden. Last summer we got the decking done by my dad and Liam but now we have someone coming in to lay some astro turf for us and help level the garden and create the border. I just can't wait for it to be complete as sitting outside will be so much better. 

Health & fitness


June is the month where I finally stopped just weighing myself and actually started taking my measurements too. It has been great as I am really starting to notice a difference in my body and this has reassured me that even if the scales don't show it I am going in the right direction. 

Clothing getting bigger

I have also seen a big improvement in my clothing and how it fits me. Most of my XL clothing is now looking baggier on me which is another way I am measuring my progress. I have also managed to fit in a few large items that I have had in my wardrobe so I am finally getting to wear those items again, it has been fantastic. 

What are your favourites from June 2020?

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