The Wardrobe Essentials Series - Bottoms You Should Definitely Own

So next up in the wardrobe essentials series we have the essentials for the bottom half of your body. Last time we covered tops you should look into adding to your wardrobe so now we are moving onto the perfect bottoms to make those great outfits with. 


There are plenty of options out there when it comes to buying jeans so much so that it can often seem a bit daunting with all the choices that are given to you. I used to buy far too many jeans that just didn't suit me or fit me right so I sat took stock of what I had and what I went for on a day to day basis and went from there. I would definitely recommend getting a variety of colours of jeans so you have options depending on the style you are opting for or the weather. For so long I would just wear black jeans whereas now I also go for grey, light blue and dark blue denim so I can mix up my outfits a little. Currently my jeans are mainly skinny jeans although I will be picking up some straight leg style/ boyfriend ones in the future. I would say if you are looking at buying jeans go in store try a few styles and see what suits you best, as I say there are plenty of options out there which will suit different body types. 

Cargo Pants

A new favourite of mine which seems to be on trend lately is Cargo pants. If I was doing this post last year there is no chance these would have been on here but thanks to me stepping out of my comfort zone this year I can easily say these are a 100% recommendation from me. They just add a little different to the outfit than what jeans would offer. I think they give a bit more of a streetwear vibe to your style as well. I have currently got 2 black pairs but I would recommend looking around as you can get other colours too, as I found when I found some khaki green ones which I am in love with. You can also get different styles, I love ones with cuffed bottoms but you can also get some smarter ones too like the image on the left. 


Remember all those years ago when everyone just seemed to wear chinos? Well I stopped for a little while before realising how good chinos actually were when you styled them correctly. Now I have a khaki & grey pair in my wardrobe ready for the spring/ summer months so I can actually wear something so nice and lightweight in the warmer months. Even in the cooler months & autumn I will sometimes reach out for a pair of chinos or if I am going somewhere where I need a bit of a smart casual look. It is amazing how when you grow up your opinions on certain items can change and items you once dismissed can soon become your favourites. If you haven't got yourself a pair of chinos yet definitely pick up a pair as soon as you can.

Smart Pants

You never know when you are going to have to dress up smarter than usual. You may have an interview to go to, a funeral, a wedding or a meeting or you might just have an event you need to head to where you need to dress smarter. But you don't want to be rushing out the week or even night before do you? So why not have some smarter pants in your wardrobe ready to go. There are plenty of great options out there at reasonable prices so you can get your wardrobe stocked up at a low cost and be covered for any occasion. My top picks would definitely be some nice black & grey pants that fit well and a pair of checked pants. Checked pants are definitely underrated in my eyes as they can be worn as smart casual and they really dress up an outfit. You could even get away with checked pants for a meeting if they are well fitting & a great style. I seem to wear checked pants for quite a few occasions now so I would really recommend picking up a pair if you get chance.

Tracksuit Bottoms

I used to think that tracksuit bottoms were just for lounging in, working out in and not really for going out in on a day to day basis but over the past year my attitude has definitely change towards tracksuit bottoms and this is because there are so many great styles out there now. I now aren't bothered about wearing tracksuit bottoms and you shouldn't be either. There are plenty of other people you see about and about in tracksuit bottoms and as I say there are plenty of different styles. Get a perfect grey pair and a perfect black pair and you are set if you are going for a more stylish look. You could always get some pairs for exercising in too. I definitely prefer tracksuit bottoms with cuffed bottoms but you can always find plenty without the cuffs too.  


In terms of shorts there are so many options out there but the ones I believe should be in every wardrobe are denim. jersey, chino & swim shorts as you literally have shorts for every summer occasion but of course you don't need 100's of pairs of shorts just get a few good quality pairs and you are all good. Obviously you are going to want some good swim shorts for any beach trips, lounging in the garden, in a paddling pool or a holiday. There are plenty of great swim shorts out there you could go for a plain pair or a stand out pair. Denim shorts are a go to for me and I go for different styles such as Bermuda ones and skinny ones, plus if you pick up a light blue, dark blue and black pair you are all set for any outfit you want to piece together.

Chino shorts are also great especially one those warm days where you want to make an effort but still be dressed for the occasion. Again you can get these in plenty of lengths and colours so definitely find the ones that suit your style the best. Finally we have the jersey shorts which I find are great for lounging around in and those more casual days or even days which involve a lot of travelling in the warmer weather.

So there you have it those are the bottoms that I believe should be in everyone's wardrobes. Do you think there are any missing? I know that these are items I will definitely always be stocked up on. Keep checking back to see what is next in the wardrobe essentials series.

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