What Is In My Workout Drawer?

Since January I have been working out a whole lot more than previously which has meant that my workout clothing collection has definitely grown over the recent months. I seem to have taken a liking to Gymshark clothing recently but I do have a bit of a mixture so if I fancy wearing something different I can do. I have found that if I wear the right sort of clothing when working out I feel better in myself which makes me have a better workout. In the drawer itself I try to keep it nice and organised with shorts to the left, random none Gymshark t-shirts in the middle then Gymshark t-shirts to the right, I have found this is the easiest way to pick out what I am going to wear for the specific workout as different t-shirts are made out of different materials so some are better for specific workouts than others. So here is what I currently have in my workout drawer...

I managed to get a long sleeve 1/4 zip Under Armour top from TK Maxx as while back for a really low price and I am so glad I picked it up. I use this when its a little colder just to add an extra layer to my outfit. Then we have my LSJ t-shirt which I picked up to support one of my favourite YouTuber's at the moment LSJ TV. Liam's account is great and the t-shirt is a great quality too and honestly I could get away with wearing this as an everyday t-shirt. Then the last of my random t-shirts is this maroon Souluxe t-shirt which I picked up from Matalan as it was just £3 in a sale a while back, I have still to try this on but it is a nice quality material.

Next up we have two Gymshark t-shirts that are recent pick up's, in fact I did a post about the black one which you can read here. The black one might be nice and bold however, the claret one is a lot more simple as the only detail on it is the Gymshark logo. These are certainly more on the same length of a lifestyle t-shirt in terms of material but I think I might save these for the gym when I have lost a little bit more weight.

I have three more t-shirts in this lifestyle kind of material and I think two are going to be for everyday where the other one will be for working out in. I think the darker blue one will be for the gym as I really like this one plus it fits really nicely already. The other two are definitely going to look great as every day t-shirts. You just really can't beat a Gymshark t-shirt.

Next up we have the performance style t-shirts, I picked up the black one when I went to lift Manchester last year and I fell in love with it, the fit is perfect on the body and on the arms plus the material has stayed great after plenty of wears and washes. I loved it that much that I got the t-shirt in blue and grey too and I am even on the hunt for more. I think the grey one is my favourite at the moment. The best part of these t-shirts is how lightweight they are and how they don't restrict your movement so you can have a great workout without having to worry about your clothing slowing you down.

So far I only have one Under Armour t-shirt, but I do want to add more into my drawer soon as they are brilliant quality and last for a long time. I think I have now had this around 2 years and it is still going strong. It has kept its shape well and is showing no sign of  wear at all, its a nice simple design too that fits me well. 

It is rare that I wear leggings for working out so I only have two pairs at the moment that I only wear when working out at home as I just don't feel comfortable or confident enough to wear them out just yet. The sketchers ones are my go to ones for home workouts as they are a really nice fit but I haven't tried the Under Armour ones yet but I love the designs on them.

Next up we have the shorts, I have four pairs of shorts that I use for the gym. I have a long pair of black Gymshark shorts which are certainly my go to shorts. Then I have a pair of shorter grey ones from Gymshark which I love just as much but as they are a bit shorter I am a bit more conscious of wearing them. I then have my Under Armour ones which I don't wear as often anymore but I still love them as they are really comfortable. Then finally we have my Primark ones which I haven't worn yet and I actually only have these as Liam bought the wrong size.

I also just have a few pair of football shorts thrown in the drawer because I like wearing these for lounging around in and just wearing on those more relaxed days when it is warm. I used to more or less live in these however, recently I don't really bother with them.

Finally we just have a pair of Nike Pro's which I wear under my shorts when I am in the gym and some socks that I reserve specifically for working out. I love the Gymshark ones as they are nice and soft and provide some cushioning, in fact I will definitely buy these again. Then I just have some long and short Nike & Under Armour socks to give me a choice. The Under Armour ones again are cushioned where as the Nike ones stay reserved for the less demanding workouts. 

I am really looking forward to discovering new brands whilst I carry on my fitness and weight journey so if you can recommend any brands to try please let me know in the comments. Keep your eye on the blog as I am hoping to get plenty more working out clothing reviews and best of lists posted in the near future as working out and feeling good in the clothing is something I am certainly loving at the moment and I am sure it is going to make going back to the gym much easier as when I feel like I look good in work out clothing and am comfortable in it my confidence is definitely boosted.

You will be seeing these items on the blog plenty of times in the future and hopefully plenty of new ones soon. So keep checking back for more fitness related content, and if there is anything specific you would like to see regarding fitness, the gym, weight loss or work out clothing please leave me some suggestions.

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