Weekly Round Up #28

Well another week has been and gone and it has involved plenty of family time however, it has meant other areas have been slacking. The weather has been hit and miss but I have managed to spend plenty of time outdoors just enjoying myself. Here is what I got up to this weekend...

On Monday our road was being resurfaced so to stay out of the way I ended up going to see my nephew. It was a lovely day all though the weather wasn't really on our side. I am really enjoying spending this extra time with my nephew I aren't too sure what I am going to do when I am back at work full time. 

Tuesday was another day with my nephew and sister as we went to town and managed to pick up a few items we needed. I then stayed at hers for my tea and it was just a nice chilled night with her and my nephew. 

Wednesday I was back at my sisters whilst she had her driving lesson. The weather was actually quite nice at points too and we had a couple of nice walks which actually acted as my exercise for the day. 

On Thursday I was back in the office for the day and it was nice to get back doing something different for a change. Even if my day was spent sorting out social media accounts, but it was great to see things come together a little bit even though there is still a long way to go. 

On Friday it was food shop day which finally meant a nicely stocked fridge at last. It also meant another trip to the park with my nephew as the weather was quite good, it is great seeing him just running around and enjoying himself. 

Saturday was a relaxed start to the morning before heading to a teddy bear's picnic that the family had organised for my nephew. It was a great day filled with plenty of laughs, it was nice just having fun together after all this going on these past few months. 

On Sunday we had a nice chilled day we did a bit of cleaning, watched a film and then I got caught up on YouTube and blogging. It was the perfect end to the week. 

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: YouTube was certainly watched the most last week but we did watch some Star Wars & Celebrity Gogglebox too. 

Reading: I still need to pick a new book to start
Listening to: Twenty One Pilot's were listened to a lot, but I also ended up listening to a lot of Tegan & Sara too. 

This week I want to get back on track with my blogging as I have fallen off track over the past couple of weeks. I also want to try my best to improve my Instagram content and start making some progress on plans I am wanting to put in place for my accounts. I also want to try my best to get my skincare routine back in order throughout the week as my skin has gone really bad again. Fingers crossed I can get more bits tidied and organised in the house too as we've definitely let that slip too. 

See you soon

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