Fitness Update For June 2020

June is the first month since I started this journey that I have seen a gain in my weight again however, where I would have let this get to me last month this hasn't really effected me as in June I actually started to take measurements which are decreasing or being maintained. Here is how those measurements are looking. 

So seeing the measurements has really helped me keep me motivated and kept my spirits high. 

I have struggled in June, my meal choices haven't been as good as they should have been and I have been slacking on the fruit I have been eating too. This is mainly due to me being out and about more however, I am hoping in July I can change this around by starting to take food & snacks out and about with me. Not only will this save me money but it will also help keep me on track again. I seemed to end up drinking a lot more fizzy pop again which is definitely not good for me. 

One thing that has helped keep me motivated though is the 8 week challenge over on the LVL Up Hub, you really need to head on over to this site and take a look at the hub where you can join in the challenge and help stay on track with your goals and have others help keep you motivated. There will be more coming up about LVL UP soon but in the mean time definitely check them out. 

Mine and Liam's walks have gone out of the window too as he is now back to work full time and is working alternate Saturday's. I still don't feel confident going out on walks on my own as I petrified my knee will give way on me and I don't want to drag him out when he has worked all day plus the weather has been seriously hit & miss, it is either too warm to walk or it is raining far too much. 

June has definitely been a hit and miss month and where I would have previously just given up I seem to have improved my mindset as that thought hasn't crossed my mind at all and I am just more determined to get back on track & see more improvements in the future. I even gave a 2 week challenge a try throughout the month which you will see on the blog in the next few weeks so keep your eyes out for that. 

So here is how the weight loss went for June:

Beginning of May weight : 15 stone 7 & 1/4 lb 
End of May weight : 15 stone 9 lb

Total loss 0lbs instead gained 1 & 3/4lb .

 I know that I have gained wait but seeing my measurements go down is really helping me stay motivated and isn't letting me get down about that gain, it is bound to happen at some point. Here is what I am aiming for in July: 

Carry on my home workouts.

Start eating better again 
Cook more fresh meals 
Try work out 5 times a week
Try go on more walks 

So let's hope that I can get these bits above done throughout July and see those scales drop again and continue to see those measurements decreasing and finally get back on track.

Overall 2020 loss so far : - 8 & 1/2 lb

See you soon

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