I Have Actually Started Going Out In A Full Tracksuit

With the lockdown happening comfort has been key. I have spent most of my days sat at my PC blogging away or sat in the games room playing my games so I haven't wanted to be wearing my jeans I have wanted to be comfy and relaxed. That is why I seem to only have worn my pyjamas, lounge wear or this Nike tracksuit.

I actually picked this tracksuit up last year for the gym but it has become my go to, even for the occasional walks we have been on. I never thought I would venture out in a full tracksuit but I just love how clean this looks, the all black with the white logo.

The bottoms are perfect for me too as they are cuffed which I definitely prefer, the top has the same sort of cuffs on the wrist too which has been fantastic as I don't have to spend half my day constantly pulling my sleeves down or up which sometimes happens thanks to my arms been small and quite scrawny at the bottom.

The bottoms are what surprised me the most, as I am short I usually end up with loads of excess material by my ankles but with this I had very little issues with this, yes there is a bit of excess material but not half as much as I get with my jeans. Sometimes with the sports style clothing items can be a bit more of a tighter fit even when they claim to be a regular fit, this tracksuit is regular fit and true to it's word, the bottoms are going to allow plenty of movement so perfect for lounging in, walking in and even working out in.

The tracksuit is a lightweight material but it is certainly helps keep me warm too which is why I love going for the sports style clothing as the material is just perfect for all weathers.

I have to say I think this tracksuit has made me want to pick up a few more tracksuits when I get back to buying clothes again let me know if there are any you can recommend?

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