June 2020 New In

Well I was doing so well with my money until halfway through June when I needed to pick up a few bits and as usual went overboard. Can you actually go into home bargains and pick up just what you need as I certainly can't. I only went in for some storage bits and I spent a fortune. Plus the shops started to reopen this month so I picked up a few bits I was after when they did reopen, mainly just as a treat for getting through all this so far. So here is what I picked up throughout June...

I only went into Home Bargains for these Ottoman's which I saw on Instagram. I wanted them to store my pyjama's & blankets in the bedroom so they just looked tidier and they definitely do the job. They look great in the room too and are the perfect fit for the areas I have put them. The crushed velvet looks great and they look a lot more expensive than they actually were. 

Whilst in Home Bargains I made the mistake of going down the cleaning aisles where I managed to restock on soda crystals as we were running out. I had seen a lot of people on Instagram using tumble dryer sheets in drawers to keep clothes fresh, so I thought I would pick some up to give them a go. I also managed to get a Dishmatic which I have wanted for a while now as I always put too much washing up liquid in the bowl so maybe this will stop that happening. I don't like ironing, but then again does anyone? So I picked up the Lenor crease releasing spray to try, if this can get those creases out of my clothing without having to worry about getting the iron out and setting the ironing board up it is going to be perfect. Finally from the cleaning aisle I got the Fabreeze fabric refresher spray, I just want this to give bits of furniture an extra freshen when I have cleaned.   

I picked up this Hawaiian breeze candle whilst in Home Bargains too as they smell gorgeous and are so cheap. This one came in at under £1 and I will certainly get plenty of use out of it, this one is the perfect summer scent. 

We are trying our best to get the house organised and one area that really needs sorting is the cupboard under the stairs, as it where all the tools & decorating supplies are kept and it is just so hard to find anything at the moment. So I picked up 2 storage boxes just to get us going but secretly I am hoping that we can just fill these and that will be it. 

I also picked up a clothing folder from Home Bargains which just reminds me of the Big Bang Theory. I am useless when it comes to folding my clothes and I am hoping that by using this I can keep my clothing looking nice & neat which might also give me a bit more space. 

Home Bargains were selling some Funko Pops for just £2.99 and at that price I definitely wasn't going to be leaving them behind. It was difficult trying to look through the shelf without touching the Pop's I weren't going to buy but I think I have definitely picked up some great ones to add to the collection. First up we have the Halo Buck (ODST) Pop, granted I have still got to play Halo so don't even I don't even really know who he is but for £2.99 I thought he would be a great addition to the games room. We have got a few Star Wars Pop's already dotted around the games room however, we haven't got a Rey one yet so when I saw her sat on the shelf for £2.99 I wasn't leaving her behind plus she is glow in the dark. Next up we have this Goofy Monsters Inc Pop from Kingdom Hearts, I just love this one as it is definitely different to any others in my collection so far. the final Funko Pop that I picked up was this Aladdin Prince Ali one which I definitely wasn't leaving behind as Aladdin is definitely up there as one of my favourite Disney films. I just can't believe that these were £2.99 each.

Did I need more cups? Definitely not as the mug and glass cupboard is overflowing at the moment, it definitely needs a clear out but I wasn't going home without these two. This Call of Duty mug will be great for those gaming weekends or for when I am sat at my desk and fancy a hot drink for a change. For 99p I don't think you can go wrong with these. I also picked up this colour changing Gameboy glass for £1.99 as the design looks really good and I just absolutely love anything Gameboy related. 

I was running out of my My Protein layered bars but I don't need anything else from there just yet so instead of wasting money on postage I just picked up a few different bits from Home Bargains. I had heard about the Battle Bites & Battle Oats quite a bit and I am really glad I have tried them as they are really nice. I will definitely be buying these again. 

After I went to Home Bargains, I called in at The Range where I got this really nice photo frame. In our bedroom one of the walls just looks far too bare so I picked this up to fill with pictures of me and Liam, although now I have got it home I think we need another one so it doesn't look lost with just one. 

Whilst in The Range I also got us a new duvet set, which will go perfect alongside our new Ottoman's. I am really enjoying the crushed velvet look at the moment and this really fits it nicely. Now I just need some lamps that match. 

I treated myself to a pair of all white Air Force 1's from JD. If you read my post lockdown wish list post you will have seen that these were on that list as I had been wanting them for a long time. Well when the shops reopened and I needed to call into town for a few other bits I treated myself to them. I just love the look of these sneakers and they fit perfectly with so much of my wardrobe, I can see me getting a lot of wear out of these. 

Next up we have two soft toys from Build A Bear, I didn't actually buy these as they were a gift from Liam from his bonus but I absolutely love them. They both have a sound box in them which comes with 6 of the characters catch phrases which honestly is brilliant. The best part about these soft toys are how soft they are so I am sure the nephew is going to have great fun launching them about and cuddling them in the future, although he might be kept away from them for a while. 

Finally when I was in Sainsbury's I saw they had a sale on and I found this sweat shirt which was just under £4 so I picked it up. This is just going to be for lounging around the house in as most of the time our house can be pretty cold and it is on the over sized side. 

So there you have it that is everything I have picked up through out June. Let's see if I can save some money in July. 

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