Weekly Round Up #27

Well the first full week of July has flown by surprise, surprise and it was actually quite a good week. There were plenty of different things done and once again it was a pretty productive week. Here is what I got up to...

Monday was spent at home working on plenty of content. I managed to get loads done and actually made quite a dent in my weekly to do list on the first day of the week which was quite a surprise to me. I even managed to finally start playing Spider-Man too which I can't believe I put off for so long as I am loving it. 

On Tuesday I was in work for the day and it really made a nice change. Just getting back into some sort of routine even if it was just for the day was great. As work is still quiet I managed to get some more blogging done during the day too. 

Wednesday was spent with my nephew and I am enjoying spending plenty of time with him as he makes any day a million times better. I got some of my to do list done before I went to see him then I actually stayed at my sisters for my tea which made a nice change. 

Thursday was food shop day so I headed to Asda, fully stocked the fridge then went to see my nephew again which was fantastic. Then I had my first fish and chips since before lockdown happened, it meant I was totally off track but made a very nice change. 

Friday was spent at the Junction 32 outlet where to be honest queues weren't that bad, I got myself a few bits for working out in then I picked up a copy of Red Dead Redemption 2 for Liam, seen as lockdown spoilt any plans I had for his birthday back in April so I am still picking gifts up for him now. 

On Saturday Liam was in work until lunchtime so I made the most of the few hours to myself and I managed to get through even more of my weekly to do list before he got home. Then it was just a case of catching up on YouTube & playing some more Spider-Man. 

Sunday meant a lazy morning before I got up made us some brunch and then we did some bits out in the garden before settling down and watching Indiana Jones whilst trying to charge my car back up. Sunday afternoon was just a fantastic day of getting bits done and relaxing, it was just what was needed. 

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: I have only watched Indiana Jones and YouTube this week. It has been great just watching a variety of different videos. 

Reading: I still need to pick out which book I want read next.  
Listening to: I listened to a lot of podcasts during last week and it got me thinking about the direction I want to go in for a few things in my life. I also listened to a lot of Lucy Spraggan again. 

This week I want to make a start on my bullet journal that I have just received. I also want to continue being productive with writing content as I have been loving it. I was thinking last week about somethings that may benefit my dad's business to so I want to sit and discuss those things with him. Who knows I may even be able to get my car clean for a change too.

See you soon

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