Don't You Step On My Blue Suede Shoes

Puma suede's are definitely a classic sneaker in my opinion, they look great and are really fun to style especially if like me you opt to purchase them in the brighter colours. If you have been reading the blog and have seen my sneaker collection post you have seen I actually have two pairs of Puma suede's I have a red pair and this blue pair and to be honest this blue pair is definitely my favourite.

I managed to pick these up in a FootAsylum sale before I went to Disneyland Paris a few years ago and they are still going strong, they are easy to clean and just don't seem to get be beaten up  no matter how often I wear them.

What I love the most about these sneakers is that the laces are the same colour as the upper so they blend in and fit with the flow of the sneaker instead of standing out. Having the same colour laces just makes the sneaker look cleaner rather than mix and matched, granted I have tried these with white laces in the past however, even though there is white on the sneaker I just don't feel like they fit as well.

The blue suede is the main focus of these sneakers however, Puma haven't over done it with the blue and it is nicely broken down with the white sole with a hint of a bit of a gum bottom & the white detailing on the side with the Puma Suede logo quite small on the outer.  The white just breaks up the blue and the colours really complement each other but the white isn't to over powering and the focus is still on the blue just how it should be.

The details are great on these sneakers too and they aren't too in your face. Unlike on some sneakers where the companies have to have their logo taking up most of the upper Puma have done the suede's the right way above the white on the outer of the shoe there is the Puma suede logo and that is it for the side. Then on the back you have Puma in the white of the sole of the heel of the sneaker and the Puma logo on the top of the heel it is just nice and subtle and you do have to get quite close to see who these sneakers are by although the suede silhouette is definitely recognisable.

You can easily wear these sneakers for hours as they are really comfortable, I spent plenty of time walking around Disneyland Paris in these and I had no issues with them at all and I think that shows how good they are with the fact I was stood in queues and walking around in them all day and had no issues.

I will definitely be picking up some more suede's in the future however, I think I might pick them up in a bit of a more subtle colour next time. Have you got or had a pair of Puma Suede's? What do you think about them?

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