Wardrobe Essentials - The tops

A new little mini series I want to start on this blog is wardrobe and life essentials. These posts will be a break down on the essentials that should be in your wardrobe and life in general. This will cover things from clothing to sneakers to accessories to help your life and getting ready that bit easier.

Denim Shirts

Denim shirts can really add to an outfit just by adding that extra layer. There are some great options for denims shirts out there and there are plenty of different styles, there are grey ones, light ones and dark ones. Some can come ripped and with hoods others will have a smarter look. Currently in my wardrobe I have a grey, a dark denim blue and a black one so there are plenty of different outfits I can make with these. I do believe that they look a lot better when layered with a plain or printed t-shirt under. 

Polo Shirts

Now this is something I will be investing in when I have lost a bit more weight. Polo shirts just add a smarter look to an outfit over just a t-shirt and they look brilliant in the spring teamed up with a nice pair of chino's or smarter shorts. The only polo shirt I currently own is a North Face one I picked up a few years ago but it is all black so I think I will have to invest in some more very soon. The best thing is that a polo shirt can dress up any outfit, wear it with jeans or chinos and it will just add a different aspect to the outfit. I know most work uniforms include polo shirts but don't let that put you off like it has me in the past, there are some great options out there that won't make you look like you are heading to work instead of a trip shopping or a night out. 

Plain T-Shirts 

This is a staple for any wardrobe and I have half a shelf in our wardrobe just dedicated to plain t-shirts. My go to at the moment are definitely black ones but once I lose a bit more weight I will be adding even more colours to the shelf. My recommendation would be to have a few good fitting black, grey & white t-shirts to hand and possibly some navy or striped ones if you like that style. The best thing about a plain t-shirt is with it being plain you can use it for layering or just having under a hoodie in the colder weather. It just looks a lot smarter than having a print all over too, sometimes nice and simple is the way to go. 


This is a new addition for me and something I will be investing in even more once I lose more weight and the weather gets colder again. If you don't fancy wearing hoodies or it is too cold for a t-shirt but not too cold for 3 layers a sweatshirt is the perfect option. There are plenty of choices out there and you don't always have to spend a fortune on them. Again I would recommend getting a few sweatshirts if possible and try get a mix of plain and printed ones so you have options for if you want to layer or not & if you want to having something nice and simple or if you want to stand out a bit more. 

Printed T-Shirts

I absolutely love wearing a printed t-shirt especially in the summer as it can brighten up a plain outfit and make it stand out. My wardrobe is currently full of printed t-shirts from a variety of brands and are probably some of my most worn t-shirts. If I am going for a more sporty style outfit I will thrown on a Nike t-shirt with my cargo pants and it creates a great casual look. Again there are so many options out there from bold prints to subtle prints there is something for everyone's style, so give them a go and see how they can add something a bit extras to your outfits.

Short Sleeve Shirts

These are absolutely fantastic for the warmer weather and just add a different aspect to wearing a shirt. I already know that I will be wearing these in the warmer weather for work now that I seem to have fallen in love with them. The best thing about the short sleeve shirts are you can dress them up or dress them down. A nice lightweight short sleeve shirt will go nicely with a pair of shorts in the warm weather or a pair of jeans when it gets a bit cooler. I love the grandad collar shirts you can get but there are plenty of different styles to pick from at a range of prices. They are really easy to layer too which I find even better. 

Long Sleeve Shirts

As well as short sleeve shirts you are going to want to own some long sleeve shirts. My personal go to long sleeve shirts are the checked ones as they are just nice and casual and give the perfect autumnal outfit. But in the wardrobe I also have added some smarter shirts whether they are plain or striped as I find these perfect for work. Having a variety of shirts in your wardrobe gives you options for dressing outfits up or down and can give you plenty of options for a variety of occasions you might face. 

Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Similarly to the shirts as well as short sleeve options you are going to want to have some long sleeve options, just to give you that added variety for when the weather is changing. Unlike sweatshirts long sleeve t-shirts offer a lighter top that will still keep you nice and warm on those colder days when it isn't cold enough to get all wrapped up. These just add more options to your wardrobe so you aren't wearing the same things all the time. Long sleeve t-shirts are definitely something else I will be paying more attention to in the near future. 

So there you have it those are the tops that I believe everyone should have in their wardrobe or should consider adding in the future. Keep an eye on the blog as in the next few weeks we will have part 2 of this little series which is all about the bottoms you should consider owning or already have in your wardrobe.


  1. I love this! Absolutely agree with the denim shirts, but I usually go for a denim jacket, or an oversized denim shirt and wear it over a hoodie! I love plain t shorts too, so versatile. You can literally dress them up or down and always look put together. Such a good post xx

    1. Thank you very much :D got denim jackets coming up in another post very soon :D