My Post Lockdown Wish List

Throughout this lockdown I have actually managed to do pretty well with my spending. I haven't been buying lunch at work daily, haven't been buying food at the football and most importantly I haven't been going out shopping on weekends or after work. If I have been buying things though it has been items for the house or essential items which haven't cost me a fortune. 

Thanks to me not spending much my savings accounts have grown quite a bit which honestly I thought would go the opposite way as I thought I would be buying things for the sake of it but nope I have managed to stay away and save for a change. I currently have 2 savings accounts 1 is for the house & my car where as the other account is for treats. 

This year I seem to have totally changed my attitude towards shopping which you will see in a future post, so now I try to only buy things when I have been wanting the specific for a while because if you forget you want it after a week did you really want it unless it is an essential item.

This new mindset definitely helps when it comes to those more expensive items & the items I may grow out of quickly, I don't need to waste money any more as I can just wait to see if I really want it then get the item but a better quality version. 

Through this time off work and been stuck in the house there has definitely a set of products that I have really wanted to pick up, in fact some of these items have been on my wish list since before all this started. So here are the items I am hoping to pick up before the end of the year...

All Saints T-Shirt

Since last year I have been wanting some All Saints t-shirts in a variety of different colours but there hasn't been any point in buying them whilst I am trying to lose weight. As soon as I need to buy clothing those these t-shirts will be at the top of my to buy list in a few colours to keep me going and if they fit well I will definitely keep rebuying them. I just love how simple they are in the plain colour with the little logo on the chest. 


The Apple Airpods are another item that I have been after for a while. I have really got back into Apple products over the past few years and there has always been something that has drawn me towards the Airpods. I have a pair of wireless earphones that I wear for the gym but if I am walking to work or listening to something through earphones in the house I always use the wired earphones you get with your iPhone as having my gym ones hooked around my ears starts to get annoying after a while. I am wanting to start listening to more audio books & podcasts in the near future as I am definitely missing out on some great content so if I got these I wouldn't have to worry about the wire of my others getting in the way. Plus I can just take them out right before I go to sleep pop them in the case and they will be charged ready for the next day. No more untangling wires or having to get back out of bed to put the gym earphones on charge. 


I have wanted a Macbook for years now, I aren't sure what started it off but this is the item that I actually started my savings for. I have set myself a little target that I have to reach before I can pick this up but at least that gives me some time to work out which model I want to get. The thing with the Macbook is it is going to get used daily whether it is for editing those YouTube videos (which are hopefully coming soon) or pictures for Instagram or just simply for blogging. I will definitely get my money worth out of the laptop and use it absolutely anywhere so that is very high up on my list, if it helps my productivity then it is a win, win situation. 

Black Classic Converse

When I have been looking at my sneaker collection recently I have realised there are a few classic pairs that I would love to add. I am also missing a good pair of black sneakers that are going to make an outfit look a bit smarter. Granted I have no issue if I want white ones or out there sneakers but I definitely need to pick up a classic pair for the smarter looks. So for that I am going to pick up a pair of the black classic hi-top converse. I have an all white pair that are really comfortable but there is just something I love about the black and white pair plus I have so many outfits these will go so well with.

Vans Old Skool 

Another pair I have wanted for a long time are the Van's old skools in the black and white colourway. Again I have so many outfits that these sneakers will go with and I can't believe I haven't already got a pair as I really do think these should be a staple piece in any wardrobe. They just have a nice simple classic look and are so easy to wear. I honestly feel that once I buy one pair of these I will always repurchase them when I need to.  

Nike Air Force 1's

I picked up a hi-top pair of the Air Force 1's years ago and they are still going as a pair of beater sneakers at the moment. I can't believe it has taken me so long to make my mind up and add a pair of the low Air Force's in my sneaker collection. These sneakers to me just look so fresh and you can not go wrong with a pair of nice white sneakers especially in the warmer weather. I have a funny feeling that once I buy these they are going to become one of my go to pairs. 

Shoe Trees

These are an item I have been wanting to pick up after taking a good look at my sneaker collection. I just want to take a lot more care of the pairs that I own and I have noticed some pairs have started to lose shape a little bit. I am hoping if I start to use shoe trees on them they will last a bit long. There are plenty of different options out there for shoe trees but I think I might go for the Crep Protect ones. 

So there you have it those are the items that I think my savings are going to treat me before 2020 is over. After everything we have been through by been stuck in the house I think we all deserve a few treats don't we? 

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