February 2020 Favourites

 I thought January went quickly but February literally flew by. Every weekend seemed to be disrupted by storms which meant a serious lack of football, which although I missed it did benefit me in other ways. So here are my favourite things for the month of February...

By far one of my favourite things for the month was my black and white bargain coat. I picked this up from the Primark sale back in January but it has become one of my go to coats. It has kept me nice and warm when I have headed out in this stupidly cold month we have had and it has kept me nice and dry unlike some coats I have had in the past. This has meant my trusty grey puffer jacket has now become a work & football coat. 

In terms of trainers my favourite still has to be my Nike Court Boroughs (read the blog post here), they have been worn daily through February in all weathers and they are still going strong. Although I think if the weather improves in March there could be a sneaky new favourite. 

There is only the one favourite in this category and that is definitely blogging. I have been loving it in 2020 but February really solidified that love as I was even more productive & organised. Instead of just winging it I tried to actually plan more in advance and have dedicated days for blogging. Something must be working as things are certainly improving in terms of my content and I am seeing an increase in readers. Lets hope these new habits are something I can now stick to and carry on improving throughout 2020. 

The spare room is finally sorted out. We finally have it decorated and the furniture has been put in there. This room has been a long time coming but it is fantastic to finally have somewhere just to go and get ready where all my products are in one place. It has made getting ready easier and I also finally have a full length mirror so I can check my outfits before I head out for the day. There are just a few little bits to finish off in this room then it is fully complete. Another plus side of this room finally being done is we have got most of the games room back. We no longer have a sofa bed lent up against the one in that room and we have space to move. There are just some bits to go into the bathroom (when that is finished) then the games room will be back to being just a games room?

Health & Fitness
We finally got back into the gym in February and I even managed a 5 minute run on the treadmill which made me super proud, it was a great session and I felt so good to be back. That little 5 minute run was definitely a favourite as it has taken me so long to get to that stage with my knee. Unfortunately though all this was short lived as I jarred my knee in the snow and I haven't been able to work out since. 

See you soon

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