Just Be Yourself In The Perspective Hoodie

What do you do when one of your favourite footballers brings out a clothing line? Well you take a big interest in it. What do you do when they have a 70% off sale? Well you throw out all the rules about buying new clothes you had and you buy a couple of items. Which is what I just had to do with the Be Yourself clothing line by Jesse Lingard.

There was no way I was leaving this perspective hoodie behind as it was reduced from £28.00 to just £8.40 which was definitely a bargain. The biggest size for this hoodie was actually a large so I bought it as an incentive for my weight loss. But to my surprise when it came I tried it on and it actually fit me, in fact I have been told it is a little bit big on me. 

What I loved most about this hoodie is how simple it actually looks with the black, white and yellow, it is different to any hoodie I have had before. Plus the Be Yourself logo isn't too in your face as it is just embroidered on the chest between the colour panels.

The fit is definitely a bit bigger but even the sleeve length is great for my short arms and the body length is great too it doesn't ride up too far if I lift my arms up to adjust my hood etc. It is a bit of a boxy fit on me when on but I think I am actually starting to like this kind of fit in clothing. 

It is going to be really easy to style for different weathers too as in the spring when the weather is a bit warmer than it is now I can wear it without a jacket but when it is colder I can throw a darker denim jacket on with this and it looks like I just have a black hoodie on thanks to the colours only been on the shoulder. 

My current favourite way to wear this hoodie is with my dark denim jacket, black skinny jeans and white Nike mid courts however I can see that in the summer on those cooler nights I might end up with this thrown over a t-shirt and teamed up with some nice shorts, I really fancy experimenting with this throughout the summer so keep an eye on here for a possible future post or on my Instagram as I think this hoodie may be making a few appearances. 

See you soon

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