Weekly Round Up #10

Another week done and another pretty productive week in the books. March is turning into yet another great month. So here is how the first week of March went...

Not much actually happened on Monday, once I was done with work we headed to do our food shop then once I got home it was a case of getting in my pyjamas and watch YouTube whilst Liam cooked tea for us.

Another day with it snowing, which meant my car wouldn't move off the drive once again. But it didn't stop me as my dad dropped me at my grandparents after work so I got those few hours with them and the nephew. I was that tired when I got home though that I ended up going straight to bed.

Wednesday was a bit of a different day as my mum picked me up at lunch time and we headed into Bradford to get a few presents for my nephews birthday. we even went to Costa for dinner before heading back to work. After work was once again filled with plenty of YouTube. 

After work I managed to convince Liam to take me to Smyths Toys so I could pick up some games for the Nintendo Switch. I had been meaning to go for ages as I had Christmas money left over plus with us heading to Scotland I wanted to get something to play on the journey.

Firday was our usual early finish from work so I got to see the nephew for a bit before my dad dropped me off home. Then it was a case of me and Liam having a quiet night in with a takeaway and both of us in the games room me watching YouTube on the PC and Liam playing his games.

My mum came and picked me up nice and early on Saturday and we headed into Bradford to do a bit of shopping, where I managed to treat myself to a few bits in Primark. Then we went to my sisters and spent the afternoon there. It was great spending time with my nephew and taking him to the park and watching him just play in the garden. When I got home Liam made tea whilst I did a bit of blogging. 

Sunday was a lovely day inside, I managed to get plenty of blogging done, watched some football, wrapped some of Noah's presents and generally just had a really productive day. I am loving these productive Sunday's lately. 

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: YouTube, YouTube, YouTube that is all I watched, I watched a mix of fashion videos and productivity videos but my go to last week was Man For Himself

Reading: I didn't manage to get any reading done last week unfortunately.  

Listening to: Demi Lovato is finally back. I am loving her new song 'I Love Me' which has ended up with me just typing her name in on Spotify and clicking shuffle.

This week I want to get the majority of Noah's birthday stuff all sorted and out of the way. I also want another productive blogging day as I want to get as much done as I can before we head off to Scotland. In between all this I want to sit down and do a bit of research into good quality t-shirts and jeans as I want to update my wardrobe a bit, which reminds me I really need to sort the wardrobe out at some point in the week too. 

See you soon

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