Current Skincare Routine : Day & Night

I told myself towards the end of last year I wanted to get back into a bit of a routine in regard to my skincare. I have been sick of constant breakouts lately and it is time to get my skin looking great once again. So that meant a trip down to Superdrug to see what bits I could pick up to help me get my skin back to a decent condition. This time I have decided to give their Naturally Radiant collection a go and so far so good.

So here is the morning routine:

First off I will use the foaming cleanser from the Naturally Radiant range, a little really does go a long way with this item as just one pump can provide plenty of foam. I follow this with the Simple moisturising facial wash which I will be honest with you, I only got as it has Little Mix on the packaging but it is one of the best face washes I have used in a long time. Then it is time for the brightening eye cream which is now as must have for me, I seem to be the one who has inherited the dark circles under my eyes just like my dad has. My morning routine is then finished off with the Naturally Radiant brightening day cream.

So onto the nighttime routine some items are similar to the morning routine but a few are changed around. So here is what I use on a night...

Just like in a morning the first thing I do is use my foaming cleanser this is just to get rid of any dirt that has built up over the day. I then use the Simple face wash just like I do in a morning before moving onto my Freederm overnight clearing serum, this serum has really been helping me in terms of my breakouts I am currently heaving. I then finish off the routine with the Naturally Radiant renewing night cream, I absolutely love this as it soaks right into my skin so no greasy skin for me right before bed. 

When I remember I will also use these soothing eye patches before carrying out my full nighttime routine, these are are from Primark and you get plenty in each pack (15 treatments). I have noticed  that when I have used them consistently my eyes do seem a lot better and the dark circles aren't so prominent.

Now I just need to actually do this twice a day and get it going as a real routine as some days I totally forget in a morning but more often than not I end up forgetting on a night time. What skincare routine do you currently have?

Let me know if you want a breakdown & single review of any of these products as I would be more than happy to do so.

See you soon

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